Monday poet Spotlight : DW Storer

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful artist. He was so nice and gave me a wide variety for you to read.

D W Storer

Author and poet

Born October 1966 in Mitcham , Surrey – currently residing in Exmouth, Devon

– Even the most ordinary can lead to the most extraordinary inspirations –

as a writer I tend to mix prose and verse to illustrate scenes , moods, emotions-

works range through the spectrums of dark nihilism, paganism, humour, and even children’s poetry books

Heretical in religious views, pagan, lover of classical history and forteana

Prefers classical music and jazz

published works – all available on Amazon

The Key of the Storm
Poems Without A Home
The Recusant Who Never Recanted
The Myth of Age And Time
Over The Seas and Far Away

For children – the Blue Ted’s Adventures series
Blue Ted’s Seven Sleeps ‘Till Christmas

Blue Ted’s Easter and Other Tales

Blue Ted’s Seaside Adventures

Blue Ted’s Halloween Adventures

Blue Ted’s Snowy Days Adventures

Blue Ted’s Viking Adventures

Blue Ted Meets The Aliens

Grunkle’s Book Of Bottom Burps

Works in progress

The Lady In White – pagan / wiccan poetry
The Diary Of A Madman – poetry dealing with depression and mental illness

D W Storer has performed in many London recitals of poetry with theatre groups and spends his time, when not writing, mostly staring at clouds, waves, trees, and rocks

He can be found on Facebook –
and on Amazon


Tell me a story

Today I think I want you to tell me a story. So I know how hard that is so I will ask questions to help. Hey, consider it a birthday wednesday is my big day.

1.) Who is the story about? This is the most important part. Without a who, the story really will fall flat.

2.) What is the story about? Here is the reason, the details of it.

3.) When does the story take place?

These are three questions that every writer asks themselves with every story. Plot issues can be fixed in editing…but without these three answers the story doesn’t happen.

Submit your story. Email it to I will feature the best one here on a future blog post. Also…you want to be a featured poet…email me with an example of your work to be considered.

Monday poet spotlight : J. Reese

So I really want to introduce you to the most amazing author. Poetry is admittedly not her primary vehicle. She writes lovely stories, and makes awesome clay art. She is way more organized than I will ever be… And I had to pester her to be here(nah actually not much…. She was just shy). So let’s show her some love!

Jess Reece was practically born with a pen in her hand. As a teenager and young adult, she won various local writing awards for her poetry and short fiction. Jessica’s goal is to draw her readers into worlds that are as real to them as they are to her, and have them fall in love with her words. She also writes nonfiction, using her skills to mentor adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma – healing that pain, sometimes decades old, through creative writing and storytelling.

You can find Jess on the interwebs at these places :

Facebook :

Twitter :

And last, but not least her Instagram is :

Go show her some love!

Friday poetry prompts

1.) Write a Haiku about a shoe.

2.) Use two of these words in one poem:

Religion, Angel, Dust, sanity, sin, knife, bleed

3.) Freestyle prompts

Dreary, educate, joy, spark, flame, ball, coffee, book, vape, cloud

Send me your poetry here! For a chance to be featured on my Monday poetry.

Poet spotlight

Hi! This is another spotlight on my amazing poet friends. Today I want to introduce Kim D. Bailey.

When I asked her for a poem to use to introduce her to you all she sent me this powerful piece, which she told me had been published in a blog. I was so tickled that she agreed to be introduced to you all. Her work is often powerful and has a strong voice  throughout it.

How To Help

by Kim D. Bailey

When momma cooked supper I washed
the dishes, while my sister dried, caressing

them like a crystal ball, and we saw
our unmapped futures. Unrequited.

Babies are made this way, we clench
our teeth hold our breath hope for more, sometimes

less. We got what we prayed for, more
than we expected. Nonrefundable.

Momma can’t wash the dishes anymore.
We wring our hands, howl at windmills, feel

the earth fall upon our skin; it clings like
molasses until we are face down. Asphyxiated.

I try to help. My words are sucked
away, my breaths are shallow. A

mountain has formed in the curve of
my spine. My chest is gravel. Scatter

me on fields of
cotton, clothe the world.



Kim D. Bailey is a 2016 Pushcart Nominee for nonfiction, and a 2018 Best of the Net Nominee for poetry. She is published in several online and print journals and in audio, including but not limited to Firefly Magazine, Tuck Magazine, The Scarlet Leaf Review, Writer’s Digest, Anti Heroine Chic, The Song Is, The 52 Men Podcast, and Tupelo Press. Kim was a columnist for Five 2 One Literary Magazine from June 2016 to October 2017, writing to Breaking the Legacy of Silence. She has also held editorial positions with Firefly Magazine and Sick Lit Magazine. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two dogs.

Poetry Monday

Remember when I saw that I know many talented poets? Here is a wonderful poet, D. Gabrielle Jensen.

D. Gabrielle Jensen is an artist of many mediums but words are a life-long passion. A traditional Bachelor’s degree education in English and Creative Writing from Colorado State University-Pueblo led to more than a decade as a freelance web content creator, music reviewer, author, and poet. When she is not writing, she is bringing art to the world through cosmetology, jewelry design, and photography. She loves things that begin with the letter “C” – coffee, cats, conversation, cities, concerts, crowds, chaos – and things that don’t – airports, traveling, other humans, macro photography, urban decay, macro photography of urban decay, the beauty of flaw.

Check her out on her website!

Monday Poetry

So I have many poet friends. Today I thought I would introduce you to another poet.

Deedra Nichole is an indie author, artist, and illustrator that has built a career out of publishing her own dark and mysterious works, as well as mentoring and supporting other upcoming indie authors through her website, blog, and Facebook writing group. Dedicated to expanding her own repertoire of novels and poetry collections, she explores themes of the tenebrous and enigmatic, the mystifying and hidden. Join her today on this journey into the unknown!

Deedra Nichole