Migraine madness.

I normally do either teaser Tuesday or tech Tuesday… And I still might. But as I am fighting back a terrible migraine…. It will be later in tomorrow before I am able. Thank you for your patience.


Well it’s Wednesday.

I realize that I am not on schedule. I have an ear infection and some sinus problems. I did good to get yesterday out. Y’all I am couch daying. What that means is I had enough energy to get from my bed to the couch. And that is it. I really hate being sick. It leaves me feeling inadequate and useless. I am truly sorry, but the review is not likely to be done tomorrow either. I will attempt to do the world building on Friday. Thanks for understanding.

Apology time


Ok….I realize that I just dropped away last week and failed to update this blog. I am truly sorry. I missed Wednesday on. I  had a tooth extracted and have been struggling to get back on things since. I am hoping next week I can get back on track. Thank you for understanding….also I will be adding a widget  to my posts to allow you to keep up with my progress on my writing. today I am only including Serena’s Next book, but Monday I hope to include shoe mountain and Spilled verse.

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Pad pain

poetic asides

Today that prompt was one that I have had for a while. Broken. And I was battling a migraine. So I have considered it before and only came up with cliché poetry. Today that prompt was right.

Migraine headache means that writing is cruel as I use electronic means only. Arthritis pain means handwriting is not a great idea. So I am struggled with even doing a poem.

The death of a hero

There was no poem for Monday as I was too sad to write. Stan Lee’s passing was monumental. Yes I know that he was old. Somehow though he was one of those people who seem immortal. So I will try to do the poem prompt for today as well as tomorrow’s then. For tonight… The world is just too sad. So I am going to bed hoping that Mr. Lee is greeted on the other side like the hero he was.

Day five

poem a day challenge

Prompt a private poem.

This one is a bit of a thing for me. I don’t believe in secrets. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The word secret carries some tough pain with it. Please if it has to be a secret, don’t do it…