Tarot Readings

Above you see my two current decks. The way that I do readings is simple. You let me know which you want, I read, you donate to my PayPal what you feel appropriate. The options are 1 card or 3 cards. I read what I see in the cards. You don’t have to ask questions or give me information. It is a fairly simple reading either way.

Now if you want a video chat reading with more of a complex read… I use the Celtic Cross layout. 7 cards. I will send if asked a recording of the reading (Done in Zoom) That is $25 straight up. That one I ask for the money up front as it is a very time consuming affair.

I always am as discreet as you would like. For any reading you receive a picture of the cards and my reading of them. And you always choose the deck.

Thursday Tea Party

Time for Tea, Thursday Tea Party
Thusday tea party

Hello lovely readers! Time for tea again. Today is a Lipton Ice tea for me.

I don’t know if you noticed… But I stopped doing the monthly link posts… This is because I added a page for the links. I feel like this makes them easier to find. However it also, I suppose makes it easier for some people to ignore… It has good and bad to it. Still I feel like this is a better way.

The pandemic has been doing a real number on my ability to focus and thus my ability to write. I am currently working on writing my submissions for Fae Corps anthology Fae Dreams. The theme is Goals /dreams. Serena has already submitted for this and Nightmare Whispers. Both have the deadline of August 31. So far I have 1 poem to submit… Out of the 5 possible. So I have got to get writing! Can’t let Serena outdo me, right?

I finished with a sketchbook. I plan on doing a video sketchbook tour for patreon this weekend (patrons only but you can be a patron for as little as a $1 a month. ) I think that I did really well with some of those pieces.

Also I just got a new deck. Readings are available (by donations only, I don’t set a price. I ask only that you donate something for your reading and leave the amount up to you. ) I will be doing a full post about this tomorrow with deck pictures.

Echoes Into the Void

So I was having an email conversation with a friend about social media. He was pointing out the algorithm that sucks the orginality out of social media in general. While I agree with him and sometimes I think that I would be happier without the view of humanity that I recieve from reading the interwebs, I would miss the delight of seeing the creativity in the human soul.

The conversation ended with the idea that we both often feel unseen. It is not, I am sure, a novel feeling. To feel like instead of being actually heard… You are merely sending echoes into the void.

So I think that I want to hear the echoes…tell me something that you feel like isn’t being heard. One thing that you want to say. I will listen. And then go through the comments and hear others. Or pass the post on to others. Let’s get it to where no one feels like that echo.

Splitting hairs

Ok. So I think that I have separated pattimouse from my other stuff . I will continue to discuss my poetry and kid’s stuff here.  I will continue with the posts about life and spiritual things (including tarot readings)  here . However anything related to Serena or the publishing I have been setting up to do,  or the crafting I do,  will be oon my other blog. Serenitystudioscraftingandpublishinggroup.wordpress.com

Please don’t hesitate to follow,  as I will be updating both frequently . I think that this will result in better posts .

Compulsory reactions

So I was window shopping on Amazon…. And I am thinking about getting a new tarot / oracle deck… I found these I want. And now I have to come up with ways of earning the money to buy them. Anything you want to suggest? No? Well… I do have a faerie tarot deck. This one… So since I am not good for stealing and not wealthy… I was thinking that I can do readings to earn my decks…. Say $5 per three card reading? Or for a full Celtic cross layout $20? Anyone interested in helping me afford the new decks? I have been reading the cards for over twenty years and am very discreet when I do… Interested parties can PayPal me with the amount, the questions, and the email or place to send the reply.

If I can get a few of the decks I am tempted to do a weekly single card reading much as I was doing on the mindful faeries blog. I have been considering other things to add to this blog to keep it active. Any ideas you want to drop will be considered. I am also going to add some book reviews on here. So keep tuned in…. I may surprise you yet.