Creatives Rising

Coming on June 21st, 2018 is the new Creatives Rising E-Zine – For Creatives by Creatives!!

I am a #contributor for this Summer issue and I am so excited to tell you about it!

We were given themes to choose from and I chose Liberation. I submitted one of my digital abstracts. I see abstracts as liberating for both myself and the viewers, as each person sees an abstract differently.

Want to check out the creative work this issue will be showcasing? Here’s the link to subscribe to this amazing e-zine:

AND if you wish to join the wonderful community they run (and you really should!):


Social media sharing

I am a strange duck. I honestly hate sharing what I write. It is so much of my soul and I am always afraid of what other people will say. So I struggle with my anxiety and I share it when I can. The above list really does not cover all of the social outlets. I have more, and am always finding new ones even still. That is the list of my most visited places.

Which social media outlets are your favorite and why? Is there any you avoid? Why?

Notes, notes everywhere…

Do you use multiple devices and need to keep notes between them? Perhaps you are on the go and need to write as you do? Well, that is the reason for this app.

Evernote has three levels of service. I personally found that I need the plus level. There is a free version. Each version is just a bit better. For the plus I can have all of my devices (including phone, tablet, laptop, and computer) logged into my account and syncing. Free only allows two devices to sync at a given time.

You can create as many notebooks as are needed. I find this to be a fairly flexible and useful app. It has allowed me a freedom of movement with my writing. And the premium packages are not terribly cost prohibitive. Plus is $3 monthly or $25 if you do it for a year. (Rounded up..) It’s not a bad app. If you collaborate with others this app has options for that as well. I am really happy with this little memo app and glad that I got it.

You can get it in the Play store on Android Here. Google Evernote for other platforms.

Changes on the horizon

So I have been considering adjusting this blog. I really need to separate Pattimouse and Serena online. There is also a few others who I am possibly going to be working with in publishing.

So there might be a bit of upheaval as I change the main page to Serenity Studios crafting and publishing. Please be patient with me. I will be providing you with more great posts, and I am considering adding a sales page for handcrafted goods as well.

Splitting hairs

Ok. So I think that I have separated pattimouse from my other stuff . I will continue to discuss my poetry and kid’s stuff here.  I will continue with the posts about life and spiritual things (including tarot readings)  here . However anything related to Serena or the publishing I have been setting up to do,  or the crafting I do,  will be oon my other blog.

Please don’t hesitate to follow,  as I will be updating both frequently . I think that this will result in better posts .

Utility App review

So I have been asked for reviews on the apps I use in both my writing and in my art….I figure that it will help me with content for this blog, so here goes. I do much of my writing on Android devices. If I use either laptop or computer it would be a version of office. However, on android I often need access to notes or easier methods for organization of what I write. I have found a couple of apps that are wonderful for this. Today I am going to give a review on my favorite of them.

notebooks pro is a premium app. It’s not real expensive and there is a free version. I found it so useful that I wanted the full version.

It is extremely flexible and allows for you to create books for writing in.

You can add attachments (pictures) and each page is unlimited. I set up my poetry volume with a number of pages equal to the poems that I want in the finished volume.

You can back it up in dropbox, Google drive or locally… And restore it from any of the three.

Honestly, this is one of my better writing apps. It allows you to export as a pdf or you can copy and paste the text.

I highly recommend it for any one who writes on the go.