Tuesday tunes

So usually I choose one song. Which really works… But today I want something slightly different. Today I want to do a small group of songs. A playlist if you will. I am pansexual, and I have had relationships with both male and female. I don’t plan on putting the details up, and I don’t want to put the lyrics up for these. My opinion is going to be on the topic more than individual songs. The songs were chosen for this playlist purposely.

Too many of the so called lesbian love songs don’t sit right with me. To me a true love song should be good whether it is for a female or a male. These definitely have a female target, but it would work for either gender. Many, if sung by a different singer, would be made hetro.

I love that idea. The songs excite the heart in me. The poet who loves to see love in all of its facets. See lyrics are not gendered. The singer, the tempo it is sung at, these all what affects our, as listeners, perception of it. That is why some covers come across better to an individual ear than the original.

Everyone I have ever had in my life has a song that reminds me of them. Some songs I only listen to if I need to pull them from the mind, for good or ill. The first song on this list belongs to someone I once loved dearly. She hurt me because she was raw from another hurting her. Still I love her and I miss her, even if it hurt me to have her near. I will never wish her ill. It is the only song that is that meaningful for me.

I am just going to share the playlist from YouTube. If you can think of any that I missed… Let me know.


Tech Thursday

Ok. I have stated before that I use my phone for everything. I have a computer, it is a little outdated and slow, but I do have a system. Though I love computers, I rarely use mine. Why, you ask? Simple. I despise Windows 10. I ended up with a crappy copy of Ubuntu Linux… And I just got frustrated. So when I got this system I left windows alone. I prefer open source programs. In the first days of my owning computers I was rigid. I had to get certain programs, and there was no substitutes. Since I have found an open source for all of what I need to do.

With my system having windows 10 on it… I only used it for layout. It was painful to work on. Tonight I was given access to Linux Mint. I am looking forward to exploring the new os. Yes, I still have a program that requires Windows. Kindle Create by Amazon. It is their layout application. However, Linux has a few windows emulation programs. This allows me to work with the programs that are only found in windows.

So, I am setting up my system tonight. This includes installation of the os, searching for the programs that I need, customizing settings and appearance, and enjoying the “new computer smell” of it all.

So, tell me, what is your os of choice?

Thursday Tea Party

Hi all! Pull up a seat! So much on my mind… I am a wee bit squirrel brained lately. All that it takes to distract me is a shiny object in my side view.

First… I want to express my grief at the sad demise of Grant Thompson. He was way too young to die. *a moment of silence *😭

Now, I think that I promised a Tea recommendation? I love tea. Homemade, store-bought, hot or iced. I prefer sweet, but anymore I settle for adding splenda. One of my favorite store-bought teas are Stash Black Chai Spice. I prepare it with half milk and half water and it is a luxurious treat.

I have been working on the publishing company a lot here lately. It has been a learning experience. I am learning about contracts and the messy part of publishing… That moment when crap hits the fan. It is frustrating when it is your work with snafus… It feels like failure when you are handling other authors work. I am blessed with authors who understand and are patient with me.

Fae corps anthology Under the Mists is available in Ebook format… However as the platform that I chose to use for the paperback is still in Beta… We are looking at a month wait for the paperback. We are still going to be trying to get it in as many hands as possible because these stories are really worth the read.

I am quite sure most of you saw the call for submissions that I shared yesterday. Fae corps has two new anthologies in the works. We are going to do another fae story one, this one about light fae. We are also going to do a poetry collection.

Fae corps is also pleased to announce that we are going to be representing Ms Deedra Nichole in her In a small world series. We are in contract negotiations now, but I have no doubt that we will be able to do it.

I submitted 3 poems in a call for submissions that I found on wordpress. One of the three was accepted. My poem is supposed to be published on August 5th. With all of the feels of failure in the publishing… This felt like a win. I will take it.

Oh… And soon the next edition, the summer edition, of Creative Rising Ezine will be publishing. I will share the link to subscribe as soon as I get it.

Hmmm I think that is everything…. So I will be back tomorrow with some sort of tips on writing…. So for now… Time to gather tea leaves.

This is Thursday

Thursday is my weird day. I have found the groove on every other weekday. So every Thursday I sit here staring at the app on my phone and I wonder what to post. I look through the blogs I follow hoping for a clue… Throwback Thursday…. Hmmm. It would be easy… Just post old pictures… Nah man that is not really fair to the ones that actually do read the blog… Though I may be doing that on patreon today. Posting old art.

I saw one blog this time doing a pay it forward thing. That could be cool… But I have no idea what to do with that.

I am struggling with this because I want something that both is interesting to read(and write) and something that I am likely to engage y’all with. So far I am liking the way Tuesday tunes are working. Monday poetry always seems to be a good thing. And wordless Wednesday is good. Friday prompts and writing tips seems to work. So what the heck do I do with Thursday? Tea party works… But I don’t always have conversation for the tea. A good tea party needs a conversation don’t you think? So talk to me. Tell me what topics you would like me to cover at my tea party. Next week I will do a tea party with recommendations for a good tea and a topic of conversation hopefully suggested by y’all.

Indie publishing

So I have been getting a lot of people asking me to tell them how to do indie publishing of a book. It is actually not as hard as one would think.

First thing is you have to write the book. It is the hard part. Seriously.

Another question in this vein… How many poems equal a book of poetry? To be honest I am not able to give you a set number. I have seen poetry volumes of twelve poems. Most chapbooks tend towards 30. I personally always have 70 poems at least. (There have been a couple of volumes that I put smaller poems in so I added a few to the amount to feel less like I was cheating my readers.)

Most novels have a word count… But even that is flexible. Within reason. The numbers as given by this article are as follows.

Now notice that each genre has a range. That gives you an idea of what you need.

I highly recommend that you have a professional editor look at the manuscript. That way you are sure that it is up to snuff. Some will do a sample edit. The manuscript when sent to an editor should be double spaced and in a basic font. (Most have a preference like times new Roman.)

I personally recommend Kelly @ xterraweb or Deedra Nichole as I have worked with both. Although, please if you are one that offers indie authors services, comment your link.

Ok. You have your book and it is edited, now what. Look into getting you some beta readers. Beta readers are people who read your book and give you constructive feedback. This is not as easy as it sounds. Finding good betas is something that all authors struggle with. Often writing groups on Facebook are a good place to look. Offer a trade of reading.

There are two sites that publish. Both are no upfront cost. If there is an upfront cost, honestly you should look closer at the company. There are some small publishing companies that can do the work for you… But they will take a cut of the payment. If that is the way you want to go, message me. I will steer you in the right direction.

Now, layout. Yuck. I despise layout. There is a program in windows by amazon called Kindle Create. It helps to simplify the process for Amazon. Currently Amazon is the only one that does paperback edition among the sites I am recommending. Though I think that Draft2Digital has a beta version that is working on paperback distribution.

The best format for Amazon is the Mobi. Kindle create helps you to make that. The best for D2d is Docx.

Your document should have a title page, a copyright page, the manuscript, an about the author page. If you are uncertain about how to write any of these let me know. I may make a Friday post about it.

Amazon pays every 60 days. Draft2digital pays when you reach $20.that doesn’t seem like a lot, but it depends on you. How good are you at marketing yourself? You are the sales team.

Now there’s one more thing that you need. A cover. Kdp has a cover creator that you can use for a truly basic cover. You can use Canva to create covers. (Though be careful there, they do have multiple types of licence for their picture files.) Or you can buy a cover. Covers tend to be anywhere from $30 – $250 USD.

You will need for the ebooks a jpg file and for the paperback a pdf. Here is an example. This is the cover I made in Canva for one of my yet to come books.

I am not going into branding in this post. I think that I will leave that for next Friday.

Both of the websites above have newbie friendly directions. However I am willing to answer questions. This is a fairly decent guide on YouTube. Ask other indie authors on social media for advice. Most remember the beginning and are willing to at least suggest places to find the information. Or if nothing else… Google it.

I can probably do a post on marketing, but it is the one area of the indie publishing that I really am not good at.

Whew. I have rambled here. If you have questions ask me in the comments. I will try to answer them.

Next week

So next week will be a very active one. Under the Mists is releasing!

We are pushing pre-orders right now for this drawing. So comment a screenshot if you want to enter of the purchase.

That means that next week I may not post all of my usual daily subjects. I am going to try to post both the under the mists posts and my regular… But I will not promise as I have several places to post for this week. We will be posting the original content to the fae Corps blog and I will reblog it here. So I think that I will be able to get at least a few days of the usual posts. If you don’t already follow me on other social media, this week may be a good time to start. I am pattimouse on all of the platforms.

Talking tech

Technology is a major part of life in today’s world. In writing, and sometimes arting, I often use my phone or a computer. However, I also craft. I make jewelry, with a rare other craft. There are multiple technology options for crafting. Some that do not interest me. What do I even need a cricut machine for anyway?

That being said… There are technology that I have been wanting. Things that I think will open up new design options. Things that will be fun to play with. Technology doesn’t scare me. The only reason why I don’t have more than I do is the cost.

Now, that is not a whine, nor am I begging. Just stating truth. My priorities have always been raising my family over the desire to explore technology.

However, my boyfriend is going to get me a neat little bit of tech that is supposed to be fun to use. Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Upgrade Cmagnet Build Surface Plate and UL Certified Power Supply 8.6″ x 8.6″ x 9.8″

So in prep I have been researching everything that I can find on it. I can’t wait until I get it.

What bit of tech are you wanting? And why?