My Recommendations for Educational YouTube channels

This is in no true order. They are straight from my subscription list.

There is definitely channels that I am unaware of. And I have far more than this… But I was limiting the choices to more learning based channels. If you want to add…. Comment them so others have access.

Thursday Tea Party

Hello lovelies! I am enjoying a rare morning treat. Hot apple Cider topped with a wee bit of Irish butter and honey. What do you enjoy as a morning treat?

Quite a bit has been happening over here…I indulged and spent the money to get me a decent laptop, It’s an Acer Aspire 3. I am still trying to get the settings the way I want. I have been without a proper computer for many years. I will want to upgrade the memory, as it is too slow for a couple of the games I want. I will also have to get a few accessories to make it do everything I want to do…but it has already been a boon to my writing.

Understand…I get into a slump every year, usually between thanksgiving and my birthday. This year was especially bad, I went from writing a daily poem and some other word count in whatever other story I was working on to managing nothing more than my blog for the whole of February. To be honest that became problematic with a biweekly poetry post going out. I was starting to feel concerned about the lack of inspiration/motivation.

Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t exactly writer’s block…I have more ideas than I will ever be able to write…it is more of exhaustion. I usually am sick during the winter months, and when I am not I am cold and irritable. So I end up not wanting to do anything.

Well, yesterday while I was setting the new laptop up…I ended up writing. It was only a poem and about 750 words in Serena’s Kingdoms of Sin. Yes…my slump time was nearly over anyway…but it is nice to be writing again. There are so many new things in the works. Plans for future anthologies, plans for future books… but if I am not writing those plans go limp. No one likes their plans to go limp…..

So, I name my computers. It has been a habit for me..This laptop is Athena. I am hoping that she will be my companion in gaming and creativity. Do you name your computer? If so what name does yours have? I look forward to the adventures in writing, gaming, and creativity I will be exploring.

Now, If you will excuse me, Today is my boyfriend’s birthday. He and I have been together 24 years in may….he has been my muse and my nemesis depending upon the day…but he is always my rock. So today is his. (I snuck this post in while he was killing zombies in 7 days to die. ) Hope it is a good day for you as well.

Echoes Into the Void

So I was having an email conversation with a friend about social media. He was pointing out the algorithm that sucks the orginality out of social media in general. While I agree with him and sometimes I think that I would be happier without the view of humanity that I recieve from reading the interwebs, I would miss the delight of seeing the creativity in the human soul.

The conversation ended with the idea that we both often feel unseen. It is not, I am sure, a novel feeling. To feel like instead of being actually heard… You are merely sending echoes into the void.

So I think that I want to hear the echoes…tell me something that you feel like isn’t being heard. One thing that you want to say. I will listen. And then go through the comments and hear others. Or pass the post on to others. Let’s get it to where no one feels like that echo.

Ugh Thursday

I realize how much this year I have bowed out due to illness… And I am so sorry. Between my own sinus ick, and worrying about my girl Cyndi having pneumonia, and just general life stuff… I am worn out.

On an up note… I have 3 books less to fight with as they are out. I am working on entries for an anthology that I have been accepted for… I have one more book that I am working with for layout. I have an audiobook that I am trying to record by the weekend (game weekend for me so I have to be ready to run my guys through adventures as well).

We, in my house, are still in the process of doing some remodel. So I am definitely dealing with chaos here. So even though this is not a normal tea party… It is still an update. Just as chaotic as my life currently.

I submitted to Indie Blu Publishing’s call for submissions for their anthology for the chronically ill.(not the name but y’all know what I mean.)

The anthology that I referred to earlier is one that is being put out by coffee house writers. I will be sharing more information as I know more.

Faery Footprints and Dylan and the Pet Zombie and Beauty’s Tears are all available to purchase. The deadline for Through the Sunshine is coming up quickly (January 31). I am working on a surprise anthology for Fae Corps… More details as I get it done.

This year is already shaping up to be a busy one. I know that I usually do a link post on the first Saturday but I was releasing those and I wanted to wait for their links. So I will be doing that post this Saturday. Definitely keep an eye here because I have quite a few projects in the works.

I do hope that this finds all of you well, the sick has been getting around lately. I am probably not going to be posting tomorrow as I am worn thin. Please forgive me this. And I thank you for reading and supporting me throughout all of my journey.

New Year Same old Tea

Hello again. Well it’s 2020…and all sorts of jokes can be made there. For me though the first of a new decade, while life changing, doesn’t change my routine much. I submitted some poems to Indie Blue Publishing’s call that I shared yesterday. I have been accepted by the coffee house writers anthology. Serena has a story in for Fae Corps Publishing’s upcoming Light Fae Anthology “Through The Sunshine”. (The deadline to which is the last day of this month.) Fae Corps anthology, Faery Footprints, is due to publish on the 6th. There is a Facebook event for it this weekend.

I have started to build a habit of drawing every day. I have been posting the results to the Myne Drawings photo album on my Facebook page. It’s a public album that you can look at if you are feeling like it. I am hoping that this helps me to improve. Talent is something that you are born with. I have talent for poetry. It comes naturally. My brother got the talent for drawing. It is natural for him. Skill requires work. It requires practice. I am developing my ability. What are you trying to get skill at, and what do you have talent in?

Look for release announcements for Dylan and the Pet Zombie & Beauty’s Tears within January. I am thinking of maybe doing a small series of Dylan stories. I am so in love with the illustrations done by Shannon.

Dylan is such an active young man… The only problem is… The apocalypse has hit. Zombies walk, and he is not able to be out to play like he used to.

It’s a kid’s book, and a really cute one. Cyndi is currently working with Shannon to redo her kid’s book Kiko and the bananas. Due to contractual issues she had to unpublish that one. She is going to release it through Fae Corps Publishing once the new illustration is done.

My word for 2020 is change… But that doesn’t mean that I have to change everything. Marie Kondo has a good idea, at least in a way. You should keep what makes you happy, what sparks Joy. Change is a necessary thing. Stagnation comes from a lack of change. I am not one to allow myself to stagnation. So I am working on changing habits, self recriminations, my inner voice. Things like that.

What are you working on this year?

Thursday Tea Party

Hiya lovelies! Today is a simple black tea with honey kind of day. Today is a light news day. I find myself sitting here with no announcements to share. I do realize how rare that is.

It makes me wonder that most Thursdays I have so much to say. We have been doing this tea party for most of 2019, and this is the first time I have been without any announcements to impart.

Next week I am probably not going to post on Thursday. Here in America, next Thursday is Thanksgiving. A day of indulgence where we are supposed to be grateful for all of the blessings in our lives. Grateful, I am. Even if some days gratitude comes at a price of self-doubt and self introspection.

However it is usually a day of family and food. I plan on enjoying both.