Capability vs self worth

(Picture borrowed from Debbie Burns, head unicorn and founder of all rights to it are hers)

My writing mentor posted this picture earlier. It brings up a topic that I believe I would like to try and tackle. I have no doubt of how capable I am. I am aware of my strengths, my flaws, and the areas I need to work on. Still I have moments where I question my worth.

Now I could blame my past for that doubt. Claim that I am flawed because no one has ever seen my worth….but I really hate that. It is possible to both know your capability and to doubt your worth. I am a strong and open minded individual, still I struggle. I don’t see what others claim is talent. I see a lifetime of fighting. Of me trying to be half of what those around me said I was.

I struggle because this is the path I see. I stuggle because I refuse to quit. Perhaps the above is true, perhaps some can see the ability within and it will set them free…still not all of those who are struggling fail to see their own capability. I am a strong woman, I have a generous heart. I am creative, with a quick mind. I am a survivor who has learned to be more….still I have days when I don’t understand the love everyone around me has for the broken soul I am. Days when I am the one that sees too much of life and has no way of processing it.

This is just part of being me. Those who love me generally understand those days. They are quick to reach to help me understand why I am loved. And even then I understand my capability…even as I have no understanding of my self worth.

Day one


Okay I am sick…so admittedly I really am not up to doing a lot.  I am hoping a small writing challenge will excite my brain.  And this seems like it might just be fun. But don’t fault me for it being slightly less than my usual.
            So day one….Name five problems with Social media.

           1. No one truly listens to each other.  Everyone has an opinion and social media is often the outlet of choice.  So because everyone is posting their opinion,  no one really wants to hear it. So we fail to listen to what is really being said.

        2. Many people are not being who they are on social media.  There is way too often a who I am in real life and who I am online. The line should not exist.

       3. Social media is not often a safe place.  Images that are triggering and or cruel often make it past the filters set in place to create a safe experience. And then one’s that are non harmful end up being pulled.

       4. Posting random things because you like it will cause your family to worry.

       5. Nowadays,  social media is considered to be something everyone should do.  Oversharing is no longer seen as bad.

Dodging the dust today

Dodging the dust today

Some days it feels like I have too many plates spinning. Hence the Picture above. (credit goes to Jim Hunt Illustrations…for the awesome image.)  Today was no exception. Somehow all those various hats….(mother, Writer, adult, Social media guru, blogger, Friend, Girlfriend, cook, gamer, etc, etc) all seemed to fit. I kept moving and I got stuff done. Even found time to watch a favorite movie with my little girl. Somedays it feels like the dust settles over me. creating a blanket. making it hard to move. Not today. Today I wasn’t sitting long enough for the dust to settle. Today I kept on my feet and managed to get things done. I maybe didn’t do as much in crafts as i did in writing, or maybe I was less attentive to this part of my life as I was to that. Still no broken plates. How about you? Any broken plates today? Did the dust settle? If so that is okay. Tomorrow you can try again.

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