Bee Bee Busy

I have been busy. Several of my books are coming out in Epub format. Bedtime tales is up in all the formats. And  I have been putting some serious word time into almost all of my other W.I.P.’s . That is not counting doing the normal mom things and making jewelry. Plus this blog, some amatuer photography, and other social media activities. Not sure how I have managed all of it and still slept. However I may let things slow a bit this weekend. Burning the candle at both ends for too long will wear me out. Will post a link post later, with all the current books i have out and their various formats for ease of finding them.

feeling good about the muse

Normally i feel accomplished if I get 200-300 words a day in on one of my WIP stories. So you can easily imagine how I feel that I have managed over a thousand words between the newest (broken wasteland) and the other three in the last 24 hours. This feels so very powerful to write so much in such a little time. Add to it that it is not the end of my day, and i am truly inspired to write…well it means i am feeling like a writer. I have no doubt at the moment that i will eventually finish these stories. Even if it takes longer than I would like. Each word is a positive step to the end of my story.