Bee Bee Busy

I have been busy. Several of my books are coming out in Epub format. Bedtime tales is up in all the formats. And  I have been putting some serious word time into almost all of my other W.I.P.’s . That is not counting doing the normal mom things and making jewelry. Plus this blog, some amatuer photography, and other social media activities. Not sure how I have managed all of it and still slept. However I may let things slow a bit this weekend. Burning the candle at both ends for too long will wear me out. Will post a link post later, with all the current books i have out and their various formats for ease of finding them.

feeling good about the muse

Normally i feel accomplished if I get 200-300 words a day in on one of my WIP stories. So you can easily imagine how I feel that I have managed over a thousand words between the newest (broken wasteland) and the other three in the last 24 hours. This feels so very powerful to write so much in such a little time. Add to it that it is not the end of my day, and i am truly inspired to write…well it means i am feeling like a writer. I have no doubt at the moment that i will eventually finish these stories. Even if it takes longer than I would like. Each word is a positive step to the end of my story.

the muse’s bite

I have at least three novels i am trying to finish at the moment. so I am trying to avoid starting any new stories.  then a steampunk/post apocalyptic story started in my head two days ago. I have not been able to thing of anything else since. I wrote some on elizabeth, fighting off this new story….and ended up with a headache for my trouble. I am amazed at how insistent the muse can be at times.  I am also amazed how absent it can be. The hole that is left when the muse sleeps is painful.

Add to the whimsy that is my muse, is the technical issues of my phone dying. I am not making excuses, just saying that the mobility of the phone made it easier to write. So now when the muse strikes i have to find the laptop or paper. Paper used to be abundant in my home. Not in years though. So i have to fight with an overburdened laptop that is missing keys. (seriously the tab key, the backspace key and the “m” key are missing from the laptops keyboard). It has very little memory and is running win Xp. It’s not mine, it belongs to Joe (my best friend/lover). So i dare not change the  OS. (it would be Linux if i could).  So i gave into the Muse tonight. I wrote over 350 words (and still counting) on the new story.  I may decide that what i wrote is garbage and go in and rewrite it completely. Still for now, I have now four stories to complete and the eternal current volume of poetry. I really love my muse…even though days are there when i truly hate my muse…

Baby steps, my friend

Due to the having my phone die, I have been using a android emulator to run my apps. So my writing app went from being convenient to being a true pain in the backside. So last night I decided to transfer a few of my Work in progress to the computer as text files to make writing easier. Especially since the Emulator seems to really dislike my notebooks app. It crashes way too often. Well today I was transferring Elizabeth. (I still need to come up with a better name for that one). I checked the word count when i finished pasting it to my office document. It was only 1298. I decided to do a bit more on it. When I set goals for my daily writing, it is usually only 250 words. Well after about an hour of writing, I decided to take a break and do some dishes. So i checked my word count. 2198. I am so happy with that. Yes i realize that is not a huge difference. still it felt like a huge jump to me. So I was telling another writer friend about it.

That conversation led to a discussion about when writing is more difficult. Also about writing poetry and the emotion that goes with. I mentioned that for me winter is easier to write because i am not able to get out and about. And sadness helps the poetry flow. she commented that she had maybe written four poems…ever. I have lost more poems than I have published. I had a book once with around a hundred poems i had written. The chick i was living with at the time stole it, and my son’s baby book. To be honest the poems in the four volumes i have published were only written in the last five years. I have been writing poetry since I was nine years old. Somehow the papers I have written them on have found themselves lost. So even though I have not been published until fairly recent…I have been writing my whole life. I have won some poetry contests, been published in my high school literary magazine, and a few other compilations. I’ve never won any money, and so I never felt like I had met my dreams.

Now i have made money on my writing…( a total of $0.35 lol) I find myself wondering if I really didn’t understand my dreams then. As I have aged, I keep finding that my youthful dreams were ignorant and slightly blind.

Elizabeth. Chapter two

            Suzanne stared blankly at the yellowing paper. Surprise too mild to describe the thoughts she was having, she quickly sat and reread the framed  handwritten note. Looking around at the artifacts in the attic, she decided she had to know what happened to this poor girl. She left the rest of the artifacts for later.
               Having inherited gram’s old house was going to be more interesting than she thought. Running her fingers through her red hair, she smiled and hurried to the phone. Quickly finding the number she needed, she felt impatience as all she reached was a voice mail. “Joe, this is Suzanne. Remember the joke about the museum inheriting when I did? Well, I doubt it is a joke. I need you to find someone. A girl from 1498 England. Elizabeth, last name unknown. Noble, probably accused of witchcraft. Red Hair and noted for healing the ill. Need I say asap?”  Frustrated she looked at the mirror above the phone. What else could she do to find this girl? Research was never her specialty. That was why she employed Joe. She looked over the image in the mirror and wondered what the connection was. Could she be finding family history? The tempestuous storm of emotions raged in her green eyes. 
               Shaking her head, she glared at the phone as if it could make Joe call sooner. Well she thought, nothing to be solved by staring at the phone all day. Grabbing her cell and the cordless, she went back to the attic in hopes of finding more documents or other info to go on.
                   “Gram sure left me a mess” she grumbled to herself. Feeling uneasy about where this was going, she tried to put the hesitation about the attic out of her mind. Taking the stairs to the attic in twos, her long legs quickly covered the space back to where she was. Glancing around for something of interest, her eyes landed on a half-covered painting in the rear of the attic. Curiosity poked her until she walked to it and took the paper off. The eyes that looked back at her were as green as her own. Flaming hair and soft features, beauty indeed. Yet the eyes held a sadness, as though the owner had seen hell and lived through it. The portrait frame had a small plaque. Baroness Elizabeth West 1500 AD. Suzanne was captivated by the possibilities as the phone began it’s jangle. Three times it rang before she clicked the button to answer. “Go” she barked distractedly. “Well Sue, found her. Easier than your usual requests. She was a baroness on a isle east of Ireland. She was apparently the daughter of a minor lord before the trial. Seems there was a scandal about her escape from prison. The official paperwork actually listed her as not only a witch but as being wanted by the british police for sentencing.” Joe recapped. “If ya want I can fax it all to ya. I guess the Irish nobility didn’t look too closely at who they married. Huh?” Sighing Sue replied “Sure send it. Thanks Joe.”  Joe was quicker than usual Suzanne thought. She made a mental note to thank him for the research more financially later. There was so many questions. Her writer’s mind was already trying to piece the puzzle of this obvious ancestor together. The similarity in appearance was stunning. Trying to sit, she accidentally bumped a box. The box toppled over revealing several large books.
She knelt down and started looking the books over. “Hmm, Journals? I wonder. I think I will move this box and any like it downstairs. This is a form of research which even I can enjoy.”

The difficulty of historical accuracy

              My work in process,  Elizabeth,  is split between two different times. The first is 1494. Now i can keep it historically accurate.  I have done the research.  However,  I am running into a flow issue… as well as a language synaptic issue.  I know where i want to carry the story.  It will be a romantic adventure circling around two women in the same family a century apart. I have posted the first chapter.  I have chapter two written.  It’s the third chapter where things fall apart.
.                    I wonder if it would be better just to write the story then go back and edit the language. I am not sure I really want to have the complete historical accuracy anyway.  The language back then was extremely dry and wordy. Thus far I have only kept a slight accuracy. This story has been a W.I.P. for over 20 years.  It would be nice to finally finish it.