Teaser Tuesday: The Lost Mouse

My lovely redbird posted the story we have been working on together! 😍

Redbird's Storytime


Let me tell you of the adventure I just had. Orchid and a few of the other faeries keep telling me that adventure is dangerous. I haven’t been wanting to hear it. I am Pattimouse. I was born to see more than just the Grove. I just know it. Still the faeries are careful to keep us critters safe. They take great care of us. So I had to be sneaky. I decided to travel with the rangers. Birch has a bad habit of leaving his bag in the Tipsy Butterfly, so I decided to go for a ride.

Those rangers carry such big bags, it was easy to squeeze in. I figured I would pop up and be a help to them. Boy was I wrong. When the rangers march, they really move. So every thing in the bag gets mixed up. Including me! I was so dizzy!…

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Tuesday Tunes

Alec Benjamen – Paper Crowns


[Verse 1]
A paper crown, and a heart made of glass
A tattered gown, and a kingdom of ash
She walks alone, she can never look back
The story of a queen whose castle has fallen to the sea
She’ll make it out, but she’s never the same
She’s looking down at the scars that remain
But you hold your ground, though your kingdom’s in flames
‘Cause it’s the story of a queen whose castle has fallen to the sea
Knowing there’s no one who will be
A king that will come and save his queen

When all she needs, when all she wants, when all she finds
When all she is, and ever was is compromised
‘Cause there’s no one to love you
When you built your walls too high
And there’s no one to love you
When you build your walls too high

[Verse 2]
She’s looking out from the war that’s inside
You’re screaming out ’cause no one survived
But when you’re all alone, you wait and you hide
‘Cause it’s the story of a queen whose castle has fallen to the sea
Knowing there’s no one who will be
A king who will come and save his queen

When all she needs, when all she wants, when all she finds
When all she is, and ever was is compromised
‘Cause there’s no one to love you
When you built your walls too high
And there’s no one to love you
When you build your walls too high

There’s no one who is strong enough to save your love
There’s no fairy tale, there’s no fairy tale

All she needs, when all she wants, when all she finds
When all she is, and ever was is compromised
‘Cause there’s no one to love you
When you built your walls too high
And there’s no one to love you
When you trap yourself inside

My 2 cents –

This song touches the heart. Self sufficiency and survival…. Two realities. This song just makes me feel like I am not alone in this world.

Monday Poetry

Usually I post my own poems on Monday… Though I have featured other poets. Today I am adding another layer to the possibility of Monday poetry….. A discussion of what poetry is. For me, it is part of who and what I am.

Poetry is something different to each person. It is I think often misunderstood. I have lost count of how many times people have said that they didn’t like poetry… The different forms of poetry so often are lost to time. Poetry is a broad umbrella. Songs and raps, these are both forms of poetry. They require a skill to write that not all poets possess.

A friend and I were having a conversation about some beautiful songs that she had written. Because they were not yet sung, she had been told that they were just poems… Which is both true and not true. I am a poet, but I cannot write songs. It takes a special ability to be able to write lyrics.

I write mostly free verse. I can do other types of poetry. Haiku, sonnets, slam poetry, etc… I am capable of writing other styles. I every now and then challenge myself to write in a structure that I am not used to.

Poetry is a personal form of expression. Every poet does their writing different. Some like my friend Michael who does the Haiku a Day, prefer the structure of a rigid poetry form. Some like me love the lawless freedom of free verse. There are so many versions of verse that you can write however you are most comfortable.

Not everyone is meant to write poetry, but poetry is not meant to be only for the elite. Even bad poetry is worth having in a world of so much suffering. So share with me your poetry! Let me read your soul.

©2020 Patricia Harris

Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme,

be in meter,  or keep certain time.
It doesn’t have to be flowery,
filled with love,  flowers and cheer.
The only thing that is for sure
Is poetry is a place for your heart
from which to outpour…

Poetry does not have to be shared
it can be written and then hid,
Shoved away into a drawer,
Given a time to mellow like wine.
Growing much finer given time.

Poetry can be shared,
spoken proudly and displayed.
Given to everyone in the light of day.
Put it on public display
Shout it out,
It’s all okay.

Book Birthday!

Fae Corps Publishing

Hey everyone! Today we would like to share with you a new book that launches today! Make sure to grab this today while it’s at $.99 on Amazon! Link is down below and make sure to leave a review.

By C.J. Beaumont

Coven of Secrets(The Bayshore Witch Legacy Book 1)

A broken witch. A missing sister. A grisly murder.

Once touched by darkness, always tainted. Roxanne Cole swore off magic for a reason. But now her little sister Kathryn has gone missing, and the only person willing to help is her pretty-boy nemesis, Ray Hammond. Roxy’s not sure she can trust him, but with nowhere else to turn, she’s forced into an uneasy alliance.

When the coven’s high priestess also goes missing, it seems her sister’s disappearance is just a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. And the more she works with Ray, the more she realizes he’s just…

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There But for the grace of god….

TW: Discussion of Suicide

I try to keep my blog some what light. Well as light as a half mad poet can be. Still something happened last night that got me thinking. One of the strongest women writers I know reached out to me. She had, unbeknownst to me, suffered through a suicide attempt during the holidays. Now this is not to tell her story, as it is not mine to tell. This is to tell my thoughts on something she said to me.

I have quite a bit that I bury to just keep going. Not whining, just telling the truth here. Between arthritis pain and carpal tunnel, my hands hurt constantly. My mental health adds a whole other aspect, as I dissociate. I struggle with impostor syndrome. I am diabetic, and my relationship with food is one of mutual hatred. I often get so busy that I forget to eat. I am raising and homeschooling the most stubborn teen known to man. I have not been able to go to college. The only reason I graduated high school was because my principal decided she didn’t want me wandering the halls anymore. I have dyslexia. I am an insomniac.

During all of this, I produce this blog. I write as 2 Separate pen names. I am half of Fae Corps Inc. I take on far more of the responsibility for it than I should, leaving my partner frustrated at me. She feels like I don’t trust her, which is by the way the farthest from the truth. She is one of a handful of people who I actually do trust, unequivocally. I have 20+ books under my pen.

Now…I told you all of this not because I felt the need to share. I told you this so I can share the point that was made for me. The conversation I had, and my take away from it…started out because of a thread talking about writers block. I really don’t have writer’s block, ever. Thanks to tumblr, and other fun sites, I can easily find new prompts. I have a collection of story ideas that may never get written. For me it is more a case of limitations. Mostly physical, and a lot of pushing past due to sheer stubborn stupidity.

Well, my friend told me that I am talented(which was a wonderful thing to hear) and too hard on myself. That brought me to the epiphany of today. I am hard on myself.

I have a hard time realizing my limits, and nothing I ever do feels good enough. Somehow, like the starving artist ideal, the poet who sees themselves as less always felt right. My self esteem has gotten better over the last few years, but not so much that I could easily stop the self depreciation. I think that the word change may be coming into play. Time to stop beating myself up for not being able to do what I feel like I should. Time to stop beating myself up if I don’t see my writing or my art the way others do.

I told my friend that I am hard on myself because that is how I keep going. There is and is not truth in that. I am forty four. I have spent the majority of that time having only myself to depend on. Making poor choices, mostly because I saw no other choices to make. Well why did I take the hard path? Because that was the only path I saw. Now, I have people in my life that have proven that they will be there. That form a layer of protection in case I fall. It’s something many don’t think about, but having someone who cares helps.

I have not been suicidal in the traditional sense in years…One of the meds that I was put on as a teen caused suicidal thoughts in me…but other than that I never wanted to die…I only wished that I had never been born. Now I have so much that I am responsible for in this world that is good…well I am past that thought even…and it is not something that I just woke up one day and didn’t wish that I didn’t exist…It was just gone. I look at my life and think that if something happens and I don’t wake tomorrow…I will be remembered as more than the emo brat that I end up being most of the time.

So let’s change together. Let us stop using negative thoughts to beat ourselves up. Together let us remember what we are doing that is good in this world. Spread Kindness for no reason. And together we make the world a better place.

Author Spotlight : Cait Marie

Fae Corps Publishing

Yesterday, we did a book announcement for a indie author. She is not one of the authors that works for us, but we promote all Indies! Today, we thought that you would want to meet the author.

Cait Marie is a Coffee House Writer who also is one of the ones running Functionally Fictional. She has her own blog. The book we told you about is the first of a series of YA books she is publishing.

We asked her how long she has been creative. She responded “I started writing in 2015, but I’ve been creative in other ways (mostly art) my whole life.”

She is one that also supports Indie authors on her Functionally Fiction blog. It features new books and book reviews. It’s fairly awesome.

We asked her how she deals with writer’s block… To be told that she doesn’t really suffer from writer’s block…

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