Random Poetry

Character development

                    What is it that makes memorable?  All writer’s try to make the characters they write pop. It’s more than just good description.  It is in personality and interaction. In some ways a really good story is a puzzle. Just one piece out of place will cause the story to be ruined.  The pieces of a really great story,  the ones that keep it strong in the reader’s mind,  are strong characters and a good plot. There are so many smaller elements,  still I believe without the major building blocks of character and plot,  stories don’t stick.
                 I love complex characters who are very realistic.  Ones who have flaws and seem to have more than one dimension.  Emotions are not always easy to express well.   So a well written scene is a wonderful treat for a reader. So what traits make the character most memorable for you?

Day 26


Things I would say to an ex. Honestly it depends upon the ex. There are always good reasons why they are ex’s. Still usually… it’s hello,  how have you been?  I see no reason not to be polite. The only reason not to would be if they hurt me…and since I have moved on…the hurt must not have been as bad as it felt then.