Crafting for me is a form of stress relief.  Then again I come from a crafty family.  My paternal grandmother did ceramics,  doll furniture,  and candy. My father works with leather.  My mother does beautiful Quilts and used to macrame. My maternal grandmother crotcheted, sewed, knitted and did plastic canvas.  I am all over the spectrum.  I do jewelry making,  crotchet, plastic canvas,  clay, metal & wood  working…. and some sewing ( mostly mending). I have always wanted to throw pots, but the equipment was more than i could afford.
          I always am amazed by people who do no crafting. How do they calm their minds?  How do they afford the decorations of life? Don’t get me wrong,  i am not saying there is anything wrong with not crafting.  I just cannot imagine life without it. I also am amazed by people who came before.  I use you tube and pinterest to teach myself how to do new techniques.  My grandmother was self taught from books.  And excelled at what she did. What crafts do you do?


      Well this is an odd thing for me. I often ramble. And I tend to use my blog for two reasons…. either to rant or to “advertise” my writing. So I probably am an odd duck on here. I do not follow the normal way of things. My writing follows language rules and grammar rules.  However I am not one to follow the rules of what is politically correct.  I by my nature am terminally blunt.  That tends to come out in my writing…
                 My blog has taken a bit more random feel as i am trying to write on prespecified topics as well. I enjoy comments because it feels like someone is interested in what I have to say. Since I have started doing this blog I have found a reason to write more than I did before.  And I feel guilty if I am unable to write that day.(usually I end up finding a way.  I can’t sleep until I manage it).

Body positivity

                This topic is one i fully support.  Now understand,  even though i am a big girl,  it’s all bodies and body types i think we need to be positive of. No one should feel ugly for not fitting a certain body type. Unfortunately,  as a society,  we fail our children.  We teach them to worry about appearance far more than we should.  There is starting to be a movement that is helping.  Tess Holiday and her #effyourbeautystandards. However many see it as a fat positive movement.   While yes it is, it is also about beauty in all forms.  It’s about no longer judging anyone based on appearance alone. My daughter is twelve.  She is chubby.  And so I have had to work hard to have her with a good self esteem.  She really is beautiful.


  However because of the beauty standards of others,  she doesn’t feel like she is. So yes,  as a woman,  as a mother of a beautiful girl,  I really like the body positive movement.  Every body has flaws. Every body is beautiful.  It’s really all in how you look at it.


Oh my. Sorry, premature publication. Lol. Beauty is really a difficult topic. After all each person sees it differently. For me beauty is contained within an intelligent mind. Society has some tough standards on beauty, always changing. The cruelty of judgment that goes along with not meeting that standard of beauty has always been harsh.
The torture tools that are expected to use are barbaric to say the least. And while some of them can be fun, at the same time it’s a shame that we are made to feel bad for not being what society says beauty is.

Darkness hidden
Intellect divine,
Beauty displayed
Society is blind.
Bliss illusions
dreams sublime.

Must have beauty,
No matter the cost.
Meet the required
Hope is left behind.

Board games

  A crucial part of my childhood,  there was always some game to play. Early on I was exposed to Scrabble and Yahtzee. Monopoly and Life were also major parts of my life.  I remember one Christmas my brother and I received tic toss toe. Games like candy land, hungry hungry hippo, ants in my pants, snakes and ladders,  rummy-o, risk,  checkers,  chess, batgammon, Chinese checkers, dominoes,  parcheesi, clue,  sorry,  boggle,  and various card games were how my family bonded. Video games weren’t even in my home until I was grown,  so for me board games are still a family activity.  We have the zombie monopoly,   a card game named give me the brain,  zombie dice, Life,  rummy-o, and several others.  My boyfriend is getting a game called Zombies!!!  For his birthday and we have already started our daughter a collection of games. 
         I am always looking for new fun games.  The market on Board games geek is a really good place to find new games at really great prices.  It’s where i found some of our family favorites.


    Isn’t life funny? As a child,  a birthday is very magical day.  It’s always a milestone.  However,  with age, we stop seeing birthdays with as much glee. I think it’s tied to gifts and responsibilities. 
           Growing old should be more about becoming wise. Still as an adult it’s often a lonely day where we wonder where happened to us. Another day around the sun. We look at what we have accomplished,  and many of us feel bad. I want the wonder back. 
           I really couldn’t care about the gifts,  or lack of. But i would like a day where i don’t look in the mirror and see a failure,  for my lack of meeting some grand accomplishment goal. A day where growing older just feels like i am growing wiser. I am glad my daughter is still young enough to relish her birthday. I hope she never loses the magic of it.


       Okay,  time to release a bit of the fangirl. I love anime. I am not a purist. I don’t like reading my movies,  and I do not speak Japanese. Still some of the best movies and shows I have ever seen have been anime. I have had to defend anime because people always assume it’s violent or just cartoons. Anime does  sometimes have violence,  but so does regular cartoons. 
                My favorites are Tenchi Muyo, Fairy Tail, Bleach,  Soul Eater, Black Butler,  Blue Exorcist,  Yu Yu Hakasho, High School of the dead, Hellsing(and ultimate), seven deadly sins, hell girl, vampire princess miyu, death note,  Fullmetal alchemist ( brotherhood), Sword art online, And Slayers.  I end up often disappointed by the fact that many are left unfinished.  And finding English dubbed versions is sometimes near impossible. There is at least a couple of streaming options.( i have funimation) but even those aren’t always offering dubbed. 

Writing topics and reluctant writer’s

       Okay I keep going back to my list for A. I am having trouble writing what’s left.  Not because I am unable,  or incapable.  Because I am too close.  Everything I would write about Abuse or sexuality might end up as angry ranting instead of the general musing I try for. Asking and assuming would sound( and did, as I tried those topics)  confused and lost.  Generally not a good read. Animals, while a simple topic,  are another that would just be a general topic without an angle to make the entry worthy of the read.
              In some ways,  I see that as a general fault in most writer’s.  Writing without passion and a clear head just makes an awful read. Know your limits.  Find a topic you enjoy and aren’t too angry over. Or at least not so emotionally invested that writing becomes nothing but a rant. Emotionally invested is only really good for poetry and op ed pieces.  I save most of those topics for poetry.  Had I not been sleep deprived,  my A list may have been more carefully made. So I will sleep on it, think carefully about it…and post my topics for B on the morrow.


     How does one teach a child how to use money?  By giving them an allowance,  of course.  It has always been curious to me as to how to decide how much to pay your kids.  I chose $1 a day for my daughter.  And if she misbehaves then in can cost between a quarter to a full day worth.  Yet,  I find myself wondering if it actually prepares her for deal with money.  After all she doesn’t have bills. 
        I have seen parenting pages that speak of working it more like a job.  Assigning a cost for their chores. This is an option but I feel like that makes chores less responsibility and more a job.  So then you need another method of teaching responsibility.
         So I am always looking for the best when it comes to raising my girl.  And so far,  I haven’t found a better way of dealing with allowance.  For now,  it’s money so she can have a measure of independent thought and learn at least a little lesson on handling money.