Thursday Tea Party

Well hello lovelies! Pull up a seat! Pick a tea! I have a variety!

So, announcements.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control… Creative Risings summer edition was cancelled this year. The good news is I will be in the fall edition. Which is due in September.

Serena has decided to step back from Life, guilt, and undeath for a bit. Though it has been worked on, she is struggling with it. Her thought is to work on something else until it flows easier. She is working on The Kingdoms of Sin, a book based upon a game world of my creation. I am hoping that she does it justice.

Been fighting my back all week. So it means that I have been falling behind in my own writing. Pain makes writing difficult proposition. So I have been a less vocal blogger this week. I apologize. I am hoping to fix it in time to post for Monday. Normally I have Thursday and Friday posts written ahead of time. This week I am behind.

I have been following the prompts given by Christine over on the brave and reckless blog. So my blog has been seeing more activity on the weekend lately. I don’t know how long that will continue. I do know that I am going to be doing Sketchtember and inktober over on my Patreon this year. You can see those pieces for as little as $1 a month.

Well that’s the announcements for this week. So, now I have a question… What song would you like to see my thoughts on Tuesday tunes?


Next week

So next week will be a very active one. Under the Mists is releasing!

We are pushing pre-orders right now for this drawing. So comment a screenshot if you want to enter of the purchase.

That means that next week I may not post all of my usual daily subjects. I am going to try to post both the under the mists posts and my regular… But I will not promise as I have several places to post for this week. We will be posting the original content to the fae Corps blog and I will reblog it here. So I think that I will be able to get at least a few days of the usual posts. If you don’t already follow me on other social media, this week may be a good time to start. I am pattimouse on all of the platforms.

Scheduled snafus

Last week I did some posts ahead. I scheduled them in wordpress thinking that would be it. Yeah, it’s never that easy. I have found that as I went in to post the last two posts I was finding ones in my drafts that did not post. I want to thank all of you for your patience. I believe that all of them are now posted. I will go back to posting on time and quit trying to schedule ahead, at least for now.

Friday writing day

There is an abundance of writing tips on the net nowadays. It sometimes seems like everyone is a writer anymore. So many are offering the same advice over and over. I have been wracking my brain to make my writing posts more unique. (After all I want to give you a reason why my blog is worth your read.) I decided that writing advice should be in answer to questions asked. Prompts, while useful are often boring for me to write.

So I thought about how to fill this space. Yeah, I have topics that can be put on Friday. That is not the hard part. I think that I want to keep writing a Friday topic so to remind myself that I am more than just a poet or artist. Poetry, while a type of writing, has Monday.

My Tuesday post is now a set thing. I will be doing the Tuesday tunes thing from now on. Wednesday is for art. Thursday will be my random day. Friday is the hard one. I want to keep it mostly writing related. I will be doing prompts still. I will be doing reviews. I will be posting some stories and story ideas to see if they are worth doing. I may make posts about the technical snarls of writing, editing, and publishing. It should all fit nicely under the umbrella of Writing Day. I can add subtitles to clarify what each post is dealing with.

If any of you have questions about the writing process, indie publishing, editing, or anything else… Send me the question. I will do my best to see your questions answered. If I cannot personally answer it, I will try to find a guest blogger who can.

I am also thinking about adding to Monday. Doing something similar to what I did in April. Picking a favorite poet and talking about them and their poetry. Though I enjoy sharing my own poetry with you… Sometimes it feels like I am only feeding my own ego with this blog. I want to also teach, inform, and entertain.