Thursday Tea Party

Hello, lovely friends. I hope that this tea party finds you well? If not I think that I can find you some lavender and jasmine blend to ease the belly.

My tea today came from the gas station . I have a weakness for peach.

It is really good, and all of the ingredients are pronouncable. I wonder about the chemicals that are in food nowadays. Sometimes, I feel like a lab rat for all of the chemicals in my food. So, when possible, I like getting more natural food.

A friend shared a nice meme with me yesterday made me smile.

I am not sure that I qualify as a Positive Patti. Though I do try. Some of the topics that I discuss are not meant to be positive.

My memoir is in preorder. I almost did not write it. I am not famous , not someone who most people would seek out to read the life story of. However, I tell my stories semi freely. I can’t help it. I don’t want to hide the past… Hiding brings shame. I have no reason to be ashamed.

Well a couple of women in one of my author groups on Facebook pushed me to write a memoir. Memoirs are for people who are famous or have enormous stories to share, I argued. They pointed out that my stories were bigger than I realized.

From stories of surviving abuse and rape to cute childhood memories, interspersed with poetry, I believe that Inspiration Without a Home is worth the read. It is my truth. There is some people who have reason to claim I am lying. I don’t intend to argue. This is my story, my truth. Let them tell theirs if they wish.

I am finally in a place in my life where I can speak my truth and not fear for the cost.

Friday my bestie, and partner in Fae Corps Publishing, releases her new YA novel. A Royal’s Undoing by Cyndi Pilcher is the first book in what looks to be an interesting set. It is filled with Elves, Murder, magic and political intrigue. Not wanting to spoil it, because I truly think it is worth the read, but the ending has a great twist.

Creative’s Rising E-Zine is in the process of production. Things that caused the summer edition to be stopped have been set to rights. So the Fall edition will be on time. I will have poetry within.

I recently interviewed for a bi-weekly writing position. If I get it I will be doing a bi-weekly article there as well. Maybe I will get in to their poetry department.

In order to apply for them, I had to do a resume. I was surprised by the amount of places I could claim in the last few years. Though I have been writing my whole life, I have only been doing the publish and share thing since 2010. Which seems like so much longer than it really is.

Oh my! Rambling on today. I didn’t realize how much I had to say! So, I am going to leave you with a question. If you had to write a memoir, what is the first memory that you would want to include?


Kingdoms of Sin. In progress continues

Gareth sighed. He was of royal blood. This king thing was not supposed to be difficult. The kingdom of Greed was a right mess when he took the throne. The ones who were supposed to be monitoring the finances were stealing from the taxes brought in. The people were starving. He had to fight with himself not to allow his own greed to overtake him. Starving people couldn’t pay taxes after all.
Add in the visions and dreams here lately… Gareth really was starting to wonder if he was going mad. He had not been the sort to fancy a man in his bed. He enjoyed the ladies too much to even consider such a thing. His dreams have been so very erotic. Causing sensations that he had only imagined beforehand. And always the same man. Tall, pale skin, dark black hair down his back. Piercing blue eyes that he woke up wishing to see again.
Gareth would wake up hearing the same words, feeling as if he was being caressed by those long nimble hands. “My greed, you are mine, and mine alone.” There was never anyone else in his bed. He always woke up a mess as if there was a lover with him.
That, and Gareth could swear that Dracus would be on the throne when he would go to the throne room. The sight was both reassuring and disturbing. He heard the servants whispering. He was apparently the only one who saw the man. So he stopped reacting. He had enough of a mess to clean up in this kingdom without the people thinking that he was going mad. In fact he needed to create an illusion of strength to be able to get things done.
He had some weirdo running around calling himself the pie lich. Gareth didn’t really mind that this idiot was handing out free food, but inciting the poor people to hate the crown… Well he couldn’t allow that.
The dirgibles that flowed between the kingdoms were always searched, and the guards were watching for this Pie Lich. To no avail. Gareth was certain that the people were protecting their “hero”. He really did not want to kill the idiot, as it would create a martyr. Just a conversation perhaps, to get the crown bashing to stop. Perhaps even learn the magic woven into the pie pans he handed out. There were three types of pie pan, silver, gold, and platinum. The silver pan would refill itself once each day. The gold would refill three times each day. The platinum would stay filled.
The problem was that they only functioned for the family gifted with them. So, the magic could not be dissected by his mages. Gareth had already seen that failure.
Gareth walked to the window, feeling that moment of homesickness. He felt a hand gentle on his shoulder, even as Dracus’s voice slid into his mind. “Your mother visits my envy. She plans to see you. Do you regret that moment when you took the throne?”
Thrown into a flashback, Gareth thought about the first time he landed in this kindom. Two years ago, walking off of the gangplank from the dirigible. Thinking then of how he could run this kingdom better than the old man who held the throne.
Though the seas had ships for the fishing and such, the dirigibles were safer for passengers and goods. The fish in the seas were massive and mean. There were no fees for basic passage, only for the higher class passengers.
Though he was of royal blood, he was also a runaway. He had snuck into free seating, and then seethed with envy and rage the whole trip. His father had given his sister what was rightfully his. Gareth knew how childish he had been. When he climbed down the gangplank, he saw the misery around him. How people were to the point of stabbing each other over crusts of bread. Gareth felt the draw of the throne. He was born to rule!

Note ****

This is not a direct continue from the story. This is part of the second chapter. It is also before editing, so there might be changes to the final story… These are teases into what Serena is working on. If you want to read the whole thing then you will have to get the book when she finishes it. I will be working on the cover soon. And Serena has told me that this is her Nanowrimo project.

Thursday Tea Party

Hello, my lovelies. Today the tea is Stash Chai Black Tea. Quite delicious, and palatable either hot or cold.

On to announcements. My Patreon is about to be busy. I plan to do both Sketchtember and inktober. September will also be a daily prompt for Fae Corps. September will be busy all around for me. There is the deadline for submissions on Faerie Footprints.

I am truly enjoying being a part of Fae Corps. I am also looking into a guest blog sort of thing.

Serena has decided to post about once a month a continuation of The Kingdoms of Sin. She said that you will see the whole thing before we publish it.

I have noticed quite a few new following the blog as of late! I wanted to welcome you all. I do appreciate all of you. Especially when I am late posting, or absent. There is always grace here.

Thursday Tea party

So, here we are again… Sugar? Cream? Oh my… Is there enough room for all of you to squeeze in?

Serena tells me that she has broken the block and is writing again on Life, guilt, and undeath. She apparently now knows how it will end. Here’s hoping that she finishes soon, as I can’t wait to read it.

My sister and I have started a publishing company. fae corps publishing will be releasing our first anthology in July. Under the mists will feature stories about the dark fae by some truly amazing authors. This has been an amazing journey. Serena has a story in there, along with five others. We are going to be spotlighting authors and artists on our blog. If we get enough submissions we will also do a quarterly Ezine.

I know that Dream Drips is still relatively new… But I am over halfway through the writing for Ink Splashes. I think that I will be releasing it in July. I might be mistaken… But it is something to keep an eye out for.

I have been accepted in the summer edition of Creatives Rising. My poem Serendipity will be included in there. The other creatives who are involved are so wonderful. I really am excited about this edition. I will be posting the subscribe link when they give it to me.. Watch for it.

If you are an indie artist or artist and want to be seen somewhere new go over to the Fae Corps blog and submit your work. We will be doing spotlights and posting poetry, short stories, art, and photgraphy that we feel shows the quality of indie work.

All in all it looks like the next couple of months are going to be fun. What do you have coming up? Anything fun?

Tuesday Tea Party

Hi all! Hopefully you had a good memorial day. I have a few announcements. And I am about to take a vacation… The first in years.

My first announcement is that I am going to be part of a new ezine/blog. We will be focusing on indie authors. We are going to accept submissions of stories, poetry, and art. It will be at faecorpspublishing. It is also the publishing house that we will be using to publish Under the mists anthology. We are looking at a July release of the anthology. I can tell you the stories in Under the mists are a wonderful read. We are already discussing what our next anthology topic will be.

My vacation is a roadtrip with my daughter. I will try to take pictures to share. I plan to visit my brother, meet my beautiful new grandson, visit my son, visit my dad, and see my babysitter. I haven’t seen my babysitter in 20+ years. She was a second mom when I was a kid. I am looking forward to the trip and the girl time with my teenager. We are going to start today by making bathbombs to take as gifts.

I plan to do some prescheduled posts for next week. However I cannot promise to do a daily post as I am busy packing for a trip that is longer than I have been on in twenty some years.

I hope that I will have a lot more to post about in the months ahead. Between the new publishing group and other upcoming events, I think that I will have much to share with you.

Tuesday Tea party

I have some announcements and I just generally felt like rambling a bit. First… Let’s get the announcement portion done.

This week my writing advice on Friday will be about poetry. Depending upon the response I may do more about poetry. We will see.

I have been accepted to write poetry for Creative Risings Ezine. I will be posting the links and information as I have it. However, I do think that this issue is going to be amazing. Not only is the topics interesting, but the creators are an amazing bunch.

Under the mists is in the editing process. The stories are all really good. I am personally excited to be working on this project.

I have submitted some poems to a couple of lit mags. I await to hear if that will bear fruit. If it does, I’ll be posting links and probably a bunch of excited whoops. Lol

Ink Splashes has been flowing. I just started it a couple of days ago and I already have 17 poems out of the 70.

The first week in June, from the 3rd until the 7th, I will not be posting any posts. I am going on a road trip to see my brother, my son, my grandson, my dad, and my aunt and her family. It’s not that the trip is all that far. It will be around 550 miles round trip. I just plan to focus on my family for the trip.

Whew. That was a lot of announcements. I feel like I am forgetting something. Y’all already know that Dream Drips was released. I have been doing reasonably well at posting on my Patreon. There have been a couple of art delays where I had to post it the next day. I have caught up both times. I have been collecting art prompts, so I can keep doing a daily sketch for patreon… And because it helps me improve.

I try to set goals for myself and the stuff like writing and art. My writing goal is 500 words or a poem a day. I used to include a blog post as a “or” in that but I have gotten my blog posts on a schedule… Somewhat. With 500 words it gives me leeway. My children’s books are often less than 5000 words in total. Honestly the current W. I. P. Is middle grade and will be longer than the others. However, if I am working on Serena’s stuff… Well 500 words is better than none. Slow progress is better than none. Well, even though I love to draw… I have been avoiding setting a goal.

Then I was scrambling for content for patreon. I have been doing mostly writing here. So I needed something that I was not really doing here. I wanted to feel like my patrons were getting some unique content. So when I read about the mermay drawing challenge, I figured it was worth a shot. And I also about the same time decided to do a digital art piece here for Wordlessly Wednesday. So, I think it is time to add an art goal. Besides the digital piece for here on Wednesday, I am going to attempt a drawing of some sort daily. It is how I will improve.

Wow, I said rambling but this post ended up way longer than I intended. So tell me, is there something that you want to see me draw?