Thursday Tea Party

Hello my lovelies! Today my tea is a lovely lemon ginger blend. It is good for digestive problems.

Well I think that I have some excitement upcoming! Changes to how I handle my Patreon. Fae Corps also has a few sheduled changes to their blog upcoming. A new children’s book from me… Possibly a series of them.

So let’s talk about patreon. I have been struggling with what to put there. I don’t like duplicate content. I feel like if you are paying for the content then it should be something that is not posted anywhere else. So I have this blog on a schedule with doable content ideas for each day. I am working on getting the fae corps blog set up the same way. And I think that I have some ideas for patreon too. So if you want to help me to keep doing the art and poetry…. And get to see the fun content that is going to be only available on patreon… Go over to patreon and pick a tier. The smallest amount is $1. There are a few posts each month that are free to see.

Or you can send money via PayPal. Ok. On to other topics.

Serena is still plucking away at Nanowrimo. She has not been meeting goals but she is writing daily, except for yesterday as sleep deprivation hit. I have been struggling with the poem a day. Too much sick time. However thanks to a very cranky muse, I woke up from my sickbed a couple of days ago and needed to write a children’s book. Dylan and the pet zombie is completely written and in the illustrator’s loving hands. I am working again with the amazing Ms Shannon Alyce Riddle. She is the same artist that did the princess lost. Dylan will be released in January 2020. I have other ideas for the character, so I am thinking about making it a series. Here is a couple of concept drawings she did for the characters. Dylan and his parents. Note that these are not actual illustrations for the book, only concepts of the characters.

Those who follow my activities with Fae corps know that we are working on a anthology Faerie Footprints. It is being put together now. I am hoping that it will be available for purchase in December. Don’t forget the deadline for submissions for Through the Sunshine is January 31.

I finally found an app for recording of audiobooks. So I can set about recording of the princess lost again. I am hoping to be able to get to the recording this weekend.

Beauty’s Tears is still needing to go through layout. I am hoping to publish it in December. Of course I will announce the release when it happens.

As you know I have been working with coffee house writers. I was in their probation period. Where I worked with a training editor who could help me get used to the routine. She was a wonderful person to work with… She has an editing business, here is her Page. Well I graduated out of her care and into the poetry department there. It honestly feels like home as there as many of the writers are similar to myself.

Well… I believe that is all of what I wanted to tell you… Now that I am done rambling…. What is new with you today?

Coffee House – the War Within

Today I have a poem about mental illness up on Coffee house.

Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Saturday links, the I forgot to post kind

First off, I apologize for the lateness of this one. I had a migraine on Saturday and it caused me to forget everything that I was supposed to do. Second, as I have been with Coffee house writer’s for nearly two months now… I plan on doing a second post next Saturday with the links to places on the web where my work has been posted. Not sure yet if I will do that every month like I do this but I think that I want to at least post it once.

Books I was involved in Editing /publishing:

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Thursday Tea Party

Welcome! Pull up a seat, and pour the tea! Today I am having my lovely lavender.

Have you ever felt staggered and humbled by the response to a single statement? That was me a couple of days ago. I posted on my Facebook about how much I enjoy sharing the wonderful things that my artist and author friends are doing. Everyone was so generous in their response. It makes me feel so happy to know such amazing people.

Did you notice the guest blog post a couple of days ago? Well the Blogger who wrote it has two wonderful blogs. Her poetry blog and a really nice homestead blog. I highly recommend that you check both out! She is also a fellow coffee house writer. I am so thankful that she was willing to come visit.

October passed too quickly. I swear I blinked… Tomorrow will see Serena starting Nanowrimo, and me starting the P.A.D. challenge. I have been slacking off due to illness, so I am still a couple of poems needed for Beauty’s Tears. I have no doubt that I will be done in a day or two, but I was wanting to start a clear volume in November. Sigh. It is what it is.

Fae corps blog will be posting a daily prompt for November. I am doing Layout for Faery Footprints. It is planned for publication in December. The deadline for Through the Sunshine submissions is January 31…we hope to see some wonderful light fae stories!

Have you had a chance to get a copy of Inspiration Without a Home? I would love to hear any opinions.

2020 is going to be an interesting year for me. My art studio will be useable. I am planning to be out more. Fae Corps will be releasing a light fae anthology. There is a book that we are publishing for Deedra Nichole. And who knows what else that will be generating for us there. I should be releasing audiobook versions of my books starting in December. The first planned is The Princess Lost.

…I know there is still two months! Why am I talking about 2020? I am seeing November as being so busy that I may not be able to do a lot of planning. December will be recovery and edits. Layout and publishing. So I think that I am going to be busy.

So, tell me… What in the new year would you like to see this blog cover? Do you like the way that I have been handling it? What can I improve? What irritates you that I do?

Thursday Tea Party

Hello lovelies! Today my tea is a lovely jasmine found at the local Asian market.I really love the tin as well as the tea.

Today is definitely a hot cup of tea kind of day. I love fall, the crisp cool of the air, the decorations, just the feel in the air.

November is barreling towards us so quickly! If you are going to submit to Fae Corps Faery Footprints, your time is running out. October 31 is the deadline. Art, poetry, and short stories are being accepted.

November is also a busy month for me. Serena is doing Nanowrimo. If you want to follow her on the site her user name is SerenaMossgraves. She has two wips she is going to try to tackle. Kingdoms of Sin & Life, Guilt, and Undeath. She said that this way if one is blocked she has a back-up. I am again doing the P. A. D. Challenge. I looked this morning at Beauty’s tears. I have 42 poems out of the 70 needed to publish. (Poetry volumes vary in length, however I have always done 70 in each of mine.) So, the P. A. D. should put me over what I need. I will have to decide what title my next volume will be soon.

I also am still going to be writing for coffee house writers biweekly. My new post with them will publish on Monday. I am really enjoying working with them.

So, I am seeing December being a time of Layout and publishing. Fae Corps will be releasing Faery Footprints in December, and I will be releasing Beauty’s Tears. With any luck Serena will have something new to release then as well.

I am working on recording the audiobook for the princess lost. So I am hoping to release that soon as well.

Serena is currently working on her story for Fae Corps Through the Sunshine anthology. It’s a cute whimsical light faery story about snowflakes. The deadline for that is January, so she has time.

My best friend is also doing Nanowrimo this year. She’s trying her hand at fantasy romance! If you want more information about her writing, check out her blog.

So… Help me out. I’m going to post 3 different book covers. Tell me which you think I should use after the publication of Beauty’s tears.

All three are eventually going to be titles of my poetry volumes. It’s just a matter of the order of release. So drop your opinion in the comments. Which would you like to see released next?

Thursday Tea Party

Hello lovelies. Today I am having a blend of herbs in a tea. Which herbs you ask? Oh dear me… I seem to have forgotten most of them… My boyfriend makes it for me, so I only put them in my 🦉(yes my tea strainer looks like an owl) and drown the owl. I do know that he uses 5 different herbs. It has Lavender, Jasmine, and a small amount of Mandrake. Oh dear, I really have forgotten the other two. Well rest assured that it tastes like a miracle, and aids my pain meds(back and hands are extra sore today.

Well… A week into October… So much going on. My first post for coffee house writers is up. If you missed it, go here. Of course my Saturday post on here was filled with the links for my books, Serena’s books , and other places to find me.

Serena is definitely doing Nano this year. The link to her Nano page is Here. I will be doing the P. A. D. Challenge, as usual. Though I do not always use just the Writer’s Digest prompts, they usually have good ones. For the ones that want to try to follow along, or try the challenge themselves, the link for the section of the site is Writer’s Digest – Poetic Asides. It is a wonderful column regardless.

Serena has two projects to attempt working on. Kingdoms of Sin and Life, Guilt, and undeath. I believe that both are listed as active due to the desire to not allow writer’s block to slow down the momentum.

My craft studio is nearly together. We have moved most of the stuff in there, but I have still to organize and such. I have been considering doing a studio tour video. We have not gotten the electric fixed in it yet. One thing at a time, right?

With all that is going on in November…I don’t know if I can juggle everything. We will see. I may have to do a couple of less days here a week. It will depend upon my dexterity. I will be juggling a bi-weekly deadline for Coffee House Writer’s, a poem a day, an attempt at doing 1667 words in one or the other or both of Serena’s stories, homeschooling my daughter, and housework. Plus the blog and any art I can squeeze in. It is not going to be easy. So, I beg your grace ahead of time for missed posts. I will return to the normally crazy of this blog in December regardless. I am hoping that I will be able to juggle it all in November as well.

If I can I am hoping to get around to the children’s book I am working on in December. It is a middle grade story. Attack of Shoe Mountain. If I do then 2020 will be a huge year of publication for me. Both Serena and I have poetry being published in Fae Corps Publishing Faery Footprints. She is likely to have a story in the Through the Sunshine anthology. I am also hoping that at least one, if not both, of her W. I. P. novels will be published in 2020. I am usually publishing roughly 3 poetry volumes a year. If I can also add Aosm… Yeah 2020 will be a big year for me and mine. Though I might be publishing Beauty’s Tears in 2019 still. Depends upon the poetry muse. 😉