Teasing Tuesday

So I am helping organize an anthology with some amazing writers. Serena is writing for it. I don’t want to give too many details yet. We are approaching the deadline for the first drafts. I will be telling you more about this project as we get closer to release day. For now, I will tell you it is titled Under the Mists. It is an anthology of dark faery stories.

Also the sign up for the first issue of the Creative Rising E-zine is supposed to be released anytime now. Keep your fingers crossed as I plan to apply to be included.

Keep your eyes here and I will let you know when I have more information.


Announced Upcoming!

December 22, 2018
Creatives Rising E-Zine Winter edition will be released. Are you a subscriber? This year I have been blessed to be in all of the issues this E-zine has released.
If you don’t know, Creatives Rising is an amazing E-zine For Creatives, By Creatives. The sheer talent and skill that is always included humbles.

This issue will include my art, but I also got the chance to collaborate with my sister on a poem for her contribution. My art was with the topic of spirituality.

I really hope to continue being accepted to contribute to this wonderful E-Zine.

Not a subscriber?
Below you will find the subscription link.

Subscribe! Trust me it is worth the read.

Religion and holidays

Not sure if it has come up here yet, but I am pagan. As such we celebrate Yule. So I am not going to be doing much here this week as I plan on spending the holiday enjoying my family. Next week I should be back on track. I may be posting an announcement this week as the next Creatives Rising E-Zine is coming up soon. Once I have the full information I will post it. Otherwise, Happy Holidays to you and yours… Whichever holiday you celebrate.


So remember that I said I might be able to be in the winter issue of Creative Risings E-zine? Well I was approved for it. I was given the assignment for art/digital art and the topic is spirituality. That is incredibly open and I will have to think on what I will be submitting. I am currently out of canvases for physical art. So I will likely be doing it digital… I have to think on it though. Do you have any suggestions to assist?


Not trying to jinx anything, but I put in an application to be in the winter edition of Creative Rising E-zine. Keep those fingers crossed and I will update you as more info comes in.

Technology problems.

Awww. Due to technical difficulties the Autumn issue for Creatives Rising E-Zine is delayed until tomorrow. So if you have yet to subscribe…. I highly recommend you do so.
Creatives Rising E-Zine Fall Edition! It is an E-Zine For Creatives, By Creatives. .

Below you will find the subscription link.

Thanks for your patience.


October 5, 2018
Creatives Rising E-Zine Fall Edition is coming out! It is an E-Zine For Creatives, By Creatives. I am extremely lucky enough to have been in each edition thus far. This time I will have my art within, and I know that several wonderful artists are also being involved.
There is articles, photographs, poetry, and several different types of art, all in seasonal themes. If you aren’t subscribed, I highly recommend you do so.

Below you will find the subscription link.