If you could live in any place or time (or both) where/when would it be?


You stumbled and fell into a hole in the ground. You find yourself in a new time /place(the one from the question above). You are alone with nothing more than what is usually in your pockets /purse. What are you going to do? Where will you go?

III. )

Would you seek to return home? And why? Is it something or someone you want to return to?

IV. )

Lastly, what sort of adventure will it take to return home? What adventure if you stay? What changes will your presence cause in the timeline?

Good writing! 😍


Friday Tips

Today I am going to touch on something that I have trouble with… Marketing. This is a little bit of common sense, a little bit of psychology, and a whole lot of courage.

My mom once told me that anyone can be a top notch salesman, all that is needed is a true belief in what you are selling. That is where I falter in my marketing. I am not as confident in my art as I should be.

So I will tell you some simple things to assist with the marketing of your writing or art.

First thing… Think about how you feel when you see ads. What do you like when you are reading book ads? Do you tend to pay attention more to just the text posts with blurbs and links, or the ones that have pictures? Most people prefer pictures. Keep in mind that the pictures only snag the attention. The blurb and title have to be good enough to keep the attention. The blurb is your call to action.

You want it to capture both the attention of your reader and the essence of your story. You don’t want to give too much, but it has to give at least some idea of what the story is about.

Next thing if all that you do is market your books people will stop following you. Nobody likes seeing only ads. Mix it up. Give teasers, jokes, or just something fun. Yes you have to share links to get people to buy, but it cannot be all of what you share. You are more than just what you are trying to sell. Use your spark to engage conversation, then after you have their attention… Say btw I have this that you may be interested in.

Lastly, you are not just your sales. So if you do not make good sales to start with, it is not a sign that you will not ever. You will have good and bad weeks. You will get bad reviews. Those people are not your readers. Your readers will love the words you write. Love yourself enough that you can deal with the backlash from the ones that are not your readers.