Quicksilver poetry

Who will write the obituary

For the lost soul,

The one that hid from the world

Any truth of identity?

Too many times when

Hands stretched forth,

They were smacked away

Feelings pulled astray.

Lies, they called,

Sure that the truth denied.

So who writes the obituary,

When no one saw the truth

In what was said?


Monday musings

I know that I usually post poetry on Monday, but the last week has been a rough one for me and creating. Between a death in the family, that hit rather hard, and general aches and pains… This week has been a lot of “couch time”…basically me and my television have seen more of each other than I ever do.

There is always a little slow down after I publish a new volume. When I wonder if I am foolish and vain for publishing. When I acknowledge that I don’t do well with pushing the books that I already have out. When I wonder who I would be if I didn’t write. When the idea scares me, so I try to force it… And end up scraping a few really bad foced starts. This is the first month after I publish a new volume.

Then, I start actually calming down… Realize that I don’t have to sell it. I have written it. I have put it out into the world so that it can be seen. I have done my part. It is my job to write, not to force anyone to read it. Those who are meant to be be my readers will find it, as long as I keep sharing. Which I have been doing a bit more of. I have been putting my poetry on graphics and putting more on my blog, and Instagram. I have a public album on Facebook and a board on Pinterest. In the meantime what that time of panic and reflection often means is that I have nothing worth sharing today, except for the view of my weirdo neurotic mind. Some like that view though, so I decided to share.

Thursday Tea Party

Morning my lovely friends! What is that? It’s not morning for you? Hmmm well it is morning somewhere… I hesitate to wish you good day, as that seems more like a farewell than a hello.

Either way, welcome to my tea party! Today, I have been having belly issues so I am going with my favourite lemon and ginger tea.

As for the announcements, there is quite a lot going on.

  • Under the Mists is available in Paperback as well as the ebook. Www.books2read.com/underthemists
  • My memoir Inspiration Without a Home is Available for Preorder. https://books2read.com/u/m2rRVG
  • I finished writing Whispers of the Muse. It is in layout and I will announce the link soon.
  • Fae Corps publishing is still taking submissions for Faery Footprints until September 30.
  • For the month of September Fae Corps will be posting a daily prompt for to encourage poetry.
  • I will be doing the sketchtember prompts for my Patreon this year.

Whew, that is a lot of announcements. I am working on doing the abuse playlist on YouTube. I would be glad to provide a link for those who want it, but it is not something that I just want to random post.

Sigh, now I must do the dishes. So I will leave you with a question… What would you like to see upcoming.

Whispers of the muse and title reveals.

So I am approaching the finish line with this volume. I have 10 more poems to write. That means that I hope to be in write mode this week and layout by the weekend.

That means that it is time to reveal the title and cover for the next volume.

The title is Beauty’s Tears.

Keep an eye here for the links once I publish Whispers of the Muse. I have been able to get into the beta for Draft2Digital print. That is going to streamline the links for books from here on out. I don’t think that I can do the older books this way but I can do everything from now out.

Speaking of upcoming books…

I have been working on a memoir… At first I was going to publish it under a pen name. I changed my mind and I am going to use my name. It feels more like I am not hiding any more. This is me taking back my voice.

This is the final design for the cover, believe that I shared a idea for it before as a cover design that I had done.

Quicksilver poetry

©2019 Patricia Harris

Sleep elu,

Sitting in my bed

Still shaken from

The monsters that live

Inside my head.

Revisiting memories

Is far away from

The way that I need

To help me sleep.

Shaky in the dark,

I dare not turn on

The bright overhead light.

For though the fear

Blankets my skin,

I do not want

To awaken the ones

Who are still sleeping.