Cover Reveal Coffee House Anthology

I am going to be in Volume one. I am so excited about this! So without further ado….

:sparkles::coffee:️COVER REVEALS!!:coffee::sparkles:Coffee House Writers is releasing two anthologies this winter! With nearly three dozen writers and over one hundred pieces total, there is something for everyone in these collections.

Volume 1: Poetry & Nonfiction releases December 8. Pre-order here:

Volume 2: Fiction releases December 15. Pre-order here:

Paperbacks of both will be available internationally on the two release days as well!

Singing a Song of Shadow

This year has been an incredibly difficult one. I have been working on writing this volume for most of this year. I finally finished with the writing and I have limited time right now to get it presentable. I had hoped to do it in November. However so that I have time for to make it shine… I think that I am going to do a December first release. I am always working on the next volume… so I thought that I would reveal the cover of the next one.

Look Forward to links and Information on Song of Shadow, For that is upcoming.

💥💥💥Cover Reveal 💥💥💥

So my illustrator finished her work on my newest kid’s book. I am so excited about how well she did with the story. I am hoping to get it through the formatting and able to be preordered soon.

I am also working on formatting of Beauty’s Tears. I just finished with the format of Faery Footprints. It is up for preorder.