Coffee House Anthology


Coffee House Writers is releasing two anthologies this winter! With nearly three dozen writers and over one hundred pieces total, there is something for everyone in these collections.

Paperbacks of both will be available internationally on the two release days as well!

Volume 1: Poetry & Nonfiction releases December 8. Pre-order here: 

Volume 2: Fiction releases December 15. Pre-order here: 

Shhhhh! 😘 my poetry is in volume 1!

Releasing Soon! Preorder!

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Monday Poetry Pinterest Edition

I decided to do something fun today for Monday Poetry…I decided to show y’all my poetry related pinterest boards. Pinterest is a black hole for me, a time sink where I will lose track of time. So let me show you some of what I have been doing there.

first board is other poets and fun bits of lyrics. I enjoy reading poetry as much as writing poetry. so I save the ones I like.

The second board is Prompts. because sometimes the muse is a fickle thing.

And Lastly is a board I created of my own poetry.

Tarot Readings

Above you see my two current decks. The way that I do readings is simple. You let me know which you want, I read, you donate to my PayPal what you feel appropriate. The options are 1 card or 3 cards. I read what I see in the cards. You don’t have to ask questions or give me information. It is a fairly simple reading either way.

Now if you want a video chat reading with more of a complex read… I use the Celtic Cross layout. 7 cards. I will send if asked a recording of the reading (Done in Zoom) That is $25 straight up. That one I ask for the money up front as it is a very time consuming affair.

I always am as discreet as you would like. For any reading you receive a picture of the cards and my reading of them. And you always choose the deck.

So you want to promo your book

Ok… You have a manuscript written and ready for publishing… Now what? Here comes what I think is the hardest part of it… You have to build up interest. If you are a introverted shut in like me, you don’t do well with face to face. Personal sales are always going to be better. People always find it harder to say no in person.

Still, it is not hopeless. Eye catching promotions with a good blurb, a good cover with a intriguing title…. These are essential for a online sales campaign. Setting up a preorder helps too. (I found that out the hard way. Impatience is a flaw… Lol)

So you start with the title and cover. You have a blurb (it is the description you wrote for the back cover). This is enough to start doing some promo images.

I have recommended Canva before, it is free to use. Premium only opens fonts and images that are locked. Having recently dealt with new authors learning about this, I think that the advice most need is to experiment. You want easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

The images above are examples of promo images. These were all done for Fae Corps Through the Sunshine anthology. Note that the text is eye-catching but readable. All include the story blurb, the cover, and the author picture and name. Each is a little bit unique with a common theme. You can do multiple images, that is ok. You should share to each of your social media outlets and try to get your friends to do the same.

Some of the marketing is understanding your ideal reader. Not everyone is your reader. If you try to please everyone you will fail. Like Serena… Her ideal reader for her books is generally one who enjoys a good dark side. Horror and dark fantasy that is blunt in how it deals with the story. One that doesn’t shy away from a little gore. The story in Through the Sunshine is a little lighter for her usual. My reader is usually children or those who love poetry.

You also want to consider the world stage. This affects the reader greatly. Right now people are clamoring for escaping from the mess of the real world.

So you have the reader in mind…make an image to appeal to that person. For example… For Serena’s The Death of Neverland I searched for bloody journal… Added the book cover, some text to invite curiosity, and the link to buy the book.

Note that the link is in red to make it more visible. Be careful with colors. You need for people who are color blind or visibly impaired to be able to read it without trouble. Brighter colors in fonts often hamper such. Also bright yellow and white background colors can be painful.

Hope that this helps. Do you have any questions on marketing? (Another thing to look for is blogs that are willing to post book promotions. I do on occasion. So does Functionally Fiction who also does book reviews.) Reviews are your biggest promotion. Many readers will base their choice on reviews.