This is Thursday

Thursday is my weird day. I have found the groove on every other weekday. So every Thursday I sit here staring at the app on my phone and I wonder what to post. I look through the blogs I follow hoping for a clue… Throwback Thursday…. Hmmm. It would be easy… Just post old pictures… Nah man that is not really fair to the ones that actually do read the blog… Though I may be doing that on patreon today. Posting old art.

I saw one blog this time doing a pay it forward thing. That could be cool… But I have no idea what to do with that.

I am struggling with this because I want something that both is interesting to read(and write) and something that I am likely to engage y’all with. So far I am liking the way Tuesday tunes are working. Monday poetry always seems to be a good thing. And wordless Wednesday is good. Friday prompts and writing tips seems to work. So what the heck do I do with Thursday? Tea party works… But I don’t always have conversation for the tea. A good tea party needs a conversation don’t you think? So talk to me. Tell me what topics you would like me to cover at my tea party. Next week I will do a tea party with recommendations for a good tea and a topic of conversation hopefully suggested by y’all.

Try This Thursday

Ok I really have been trying not to resort to this sort of thing. But I am stumped for what to post. So I am open to your questions. I will answer any questions except for the nasty stuff. Keep out of my pants and I will answer you. (Though the less than specific I may still answer). C’mon hit me with those questions you have.

Friday writing day

There is an abundance of writing tips on the net nowadays. It sometimes seems like everyone is a writer anymore. So many are offering the same advice over and over. I have been wracking my brain to make my writing posts more unique. (After all I want to give you a reason why my blog is worth your read.) I decided that writing advice should be in answer to questions asked. Prompts, while useful are often boring for me to write.

So I thought about how to fill this space. Yeah, I have topics that can be put on Friday. That is not the hard part. I think that I want to keep writing a Friday topic so to remind myself that I am more than just a poet or artist. Poetry, while a type of writing, has Monday.

My Tuesday post is now a set thing. I will be doing the Tuesday tunes thing from now on. Wednesday is for art. Thursday will be my random day. Friday is the hard one. I want to keep it mostly writing related. I will be doing prompts still. I will be doing reviews. I will be posting some stories and story ideas to see if they are worth doing. I may make posts about the technical snarls of writing, editing, and publishing. It should all fit nicely under the umbrella of Writing Day. I can add subtitles to clarify what each post is dealing with.

If any of you have questions about the writing process, indie publishing, editing, or anything else… Send me the question. I will do my best to see your questions answered. If I cannot personally answer it, I will try to find a guest blogger who can.

I am also thinking about adding to Monday. Doing something similar to what I did in April. Picking a favorite poet and talking about them and their poetry. Though I enjoy sharing my own poetry with you… Sometimes it feels like I am only feeding my own ego with this blog. I want to also teach, inform, and entertain.

Prompt me

So I have posted prompts for poetry before. Prompts are useful in all forms of creativity. It is the best way to Spark that muse for many.

There’s prompts for all of the writing styles out there. I have seen prompts for journal, journalism, short stories, dialogue, poetry, and characters. There is also prompts for art/sketchbooks.

Where do you find prompts? I find a lot on tumblr. There are blogs that post daily prompts. Pinterest is also a good place for this. I found several boards in a single search just today.

For me, prompts are not a guarantee that I will be inspired. It is like a focus, sometimes it will help me to see an idea… Others it is just words that don’t have any meaning. I used to turn my nose up at the idea of using prompts. It felt like I was cheating… After all, how is the idea mine if I am using prompts? It took me time to realize that the art, poetry, or writing is still mine. It is in how I handle the idea that makes it my own.

Friday prompts

Today I am doing poetry prompts.

1) weapons

2) Injuries

3) ladybugs

4) hair


6) scams

7) pets

8) shoes

9) memories

10) sewing

Comment your poetry or email to to be featured on my Monday poetry. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Tuesday Tea Party

To be honest I have nothing to post today. So I thought I would ask questions about my readers. Tell me what you would like to see on here. Who are you? What is your interests? Do you like poetry? Do you prefer stories? Where are you located? (In general, not specific. Safety first here.) Do you like music? I love music. Do you have any specific song you are listening to right now?

I would love to hear more about those who are reading what I write. It will help me to know what I need to post. I struggle with what to post sometimes. Sometimes it feels like I am just rambling to myself. The likes on my posts make me feel like at least someone hears me.

World building level two

Let’s talk magic and religion. They are not always symbiotic. Is it that way on your world? How does the magic work? Do you need ingredients to cast a spell or just a word? Are there more difficult rituals that must take a longer time to perform?What are the limits for your magic? How many spells can you use before you’re “empty”? (Make sure you take into account the difference of using many simple spells up to more than one difficult spell.)How does one gain magic power? Do they gain it from a higher power, by reading and learning from books, from genetics, or some other way? (You can always gain help with this area from D&D player’s handbooks.) Are there forbidden spells or forbidden paths of magic? Some good examples of what is usually seen as a forbidden path or magic are necromancy and blood magic, or Demonology/pact magic. For the higher level spells, why are they more difficult? What about them makes them more difficult? The amount of magical power or prowess needed? The necessary ingredients? The time period needed to cast the spell?Is magic illegal in your world? Would your character(s) need to hide that they have magic? If it’s illegal, what happened to make it illegal? What are the main religious beliefs on your world? Is one more recognized than the others? Why?

Religion is a big part of every culture that can influence the daily life of large groups of people so it’s important to define it if present in your world. The other thing is that is a good way for world building, you can define the life of people, the way cities are built and the way of thinking of the population.-

Polytheist or monotheist: choose the type of religion that fits best in your world, it’s important because polytheist and monotheist religions have some differences that have relevance when you write. (not only the number of gods but for example how gods are worshiped or how are the followers building temples)

Read about real religions: this is a good base for understanding how religion works and you are going to see a lot of how to write the followers.

Decide the characteristics of the God/s: After have a clear idea of what you want to do (example: religion similar to Romans’ one or a mix between Egyptians and Greeks gods) you have to clear up some points:

  1. Is you god/s good or bad? : so how are they seen by the people, what are they famous for, how is their temper, are they revengeful or are they forgiving, if they are feared or loved or both. If you create more gods then you can decide to make them represent something.
  2. Are your god/s in contact with mortals?: The relationship with mortality; If they don’t meet mortals you have to decide if they communicate with them and how.
  3. Physical appearance: if they have a physical appearance describe it or describe characteristics that the god have when in physical form.
  4. Worship: While the points before where about the point of view of the God/s, you have always to define how mortals venerate God/s.
  5. Is all the population religious?: This is important because there you can determine the relationship between who believes and who does not or between different religions. Or say if is imposed.

Other points of interest :

  1. What role have religion in the State: So if religions have a political power, how much power do they have and if is used for good or for bad.
  2. What are the religion institutions: Is there a leader of the religion, what are the offices and how they are built, how much the institution influences the population.
  3. Where: where does the faithful worship God/s (temples, groves, churches, or at home)
  4. HOW: this is probably the most important aspect. Here you need to define how people practice their own religion, so if they only pray or do make sacrifices, if there are rules that influence the daily life, if there are festivities or particular ritual, if there are symbols that are worshiped.