If you could live in any place or time (or both) where/when would it be?


You stumbled and fell into a hole in the ground. You find yourself in a new time /place(the one from the question above). You are alone with nothing more than what is usually in your pockets /purse. What are you going to do? Where will you go?

III. )

Would you seek to return home? And why? Is it something or someone you want to return to?

IV. )

Lastly, what sort of adventure will it take to return home? What adventure if you stay? What changes will your presence cause in the timeline?

Good writing! 😍


Friday Prompts

Today is Release Day for Under the Mists… And I am uber excited. So I think that I will post prompts today to keep it light and fun.

So here are my prompts… Do it in any way that you desire… Poetry, prose, story, art. Email to me at to get it featured on my blog.

  • What is Under the Mists?
  • What does dark fae mean to you?
  • Who is the faerie queen?
  • What is the siren singing about?
  • Where do the fae live?

And some word prompts

  • Siren
  • Mermaid
  • Pirate
  • Cupcake
  • Spider
  • Dwarf
  • Food
  • King
  • Shadows

Prompt me

So I have posted prompts for poetry before. Prompts are useful in all forms of creativity. It is the best way to Spark that muse for many.

There’s prompts for all of the writing styles out there. I have seen prompts for journal, journalism, short stories, dialogue, poetry, and characters. There is also prompts for art/sketchbooks.

Where do you find prompts? I find a lot on tumblr. There are blogs that post daily prompts. Pinterest is also a good place for this. I found several boards in a single search just today.

For me, prompts are not a guarantee that I will be inspired. It is like a focus, sometimes it will help me to see an idea… Others it is just words that don’t have any meaning. I used to turn my nose up at the idea of using prompts. It felt like I was cheating… After all, how is the idea mine if I am using prompts? It took me time to realize that the art, poetry, or writing is still mine. It is in how I handle the idea that makes it my own.