Wordless Wednesday


Friday Prompts – Zombie

Ok. Here’s the list for October. Send me a link to your post, comment below or email to patti.mouse@gmail.com. The prompt can be answered however you see fit as long as it is individual work- yours. So art, poetry, short story, photos, or whatever you can come up with.Today lets explore Zombies! Here is some drawings of a zombie I did!

And a poem from Pocketful of Poetry


Also did you know that Serena has a Zombie Novel out? Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie

So, now let’s see what you can do with it!

Thursday Tea Party

Hello my loveys! Well what are you drinking today? I am struggling with the idea of awake, so today I have coffee. I use powdered creamer, half of the coffee cup, and 3 splenda packets. Today I chose cinnamon cream. It is my favorite flavor.

So, announcements.

I submitted my first writing for Coffee House writers. It is in their editor’s hands. I really like the poetry department they have. The people there are enormous fun. I think that I will be able to improve my writing with them.

My memoir is out. Inspiration Without A Home grab your copy today. I will be doing the link post this Saturday as usual.

Some sad news… The editors of Creatives Rising Ezine are having technical difficulties and have had to cancel the issue. The editors are working on clearing it up. I, personally, am looking forward to the ezine being up and going again.

I have been enjoying inktober, though it has barely started. I have been exploring art in various mediums.

My studio is coming together. I am hoping to have it set up and ready for a studio tour around the beginning of 2020.

Serena will be doing The Kingdoms of Sin for Nanowrimo this year.

I will be doing the P. A. D. Challenge again this year.

So, that is all of the announcements.

Due to the busy over the next three months…. I have been considering a prompt theme for my Friday blog posts. I will announce the theme and prompt list tomorrow.

Tell me, what is your plans for the last three months of 2019?