Thursday Tea Party

Hello my lovely readers! Welcome! Today, I am drinking orange juice to boost my immune system. I am normally sick during the winter but it’s been worse this year then it normally is. So, a little self care never hurt.

Well, now that we are working on edits and such for Through the Sunshine, I feel free to leak a new project. We will announce it offically on the Fae Corps Blog in April. We are going to be doing an anthology about Dreams, goals, plans, etc. The title is going to be Fae Dreams. I did the cover and I am so proud of it… It will be revealed when we announce the project. We will be doing a call for submissions then as well.

This sick has been killing my writing. I was doing multiple poems daily and then some writing as Serena… Then I got sick. In the last month the only writing that has been done was either on this blog, or put on coffee house writers. I am getting better but it has been a struggle. One that I hope is over soon. I dislike not having stuff to share with you. It makes me feel like I am failing.

Dylan and the Motel is due to the illustrator in March. She is incredible, but she is busy. It will be published in 2020 but I am not positive as to when.

2020 is shaping up to be a busy year. I have a lot possible to do this year…I just am not sure what all will be. Between Fae Corps, Serena, and my own endeavors. I hope to be able to tell you about many new projects that are coming together.

I am hoping to get a new laptop to assist with both my writing and my art. I am eyeballing the Acer Aspire 3 with a tb harddrive. It is affordable but it is likely to take me a couple of months to get. (If you want to donate to the cause, I appreciate it. PayPal me! ) The computer will allow for me to do more with my writing and allow for a wider variety of art. Currently, I use a Samsung Android phone to do everything. I have a older model Dell pc that I use for layout… It is so painfully slow that I would not be able to write on it or use the art programs.

Due to the lack of writing… I think that at least through March, to give me some time to get some work built up… I will be doing the poet segment on Monday. I still have many poets that I love. It would give me time to recover.